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Whenever I develope my leg in any direction, I think it's straight. Then I look in the mirror, and it's not. So I attempt to straighten it out. No luck. My leg just doesn't straighten. Am I doing something worng, am I not trying hard enough, or am I just freaking out?

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Well, there is one of two things happening here...or a third, IF you are really freaking out :wacko: Either your leg is hyperextended and you can't feel when it is straight and need to work harder at it, or, you are hypoextended and the knees just don't straighten all the way.


If it is the former, then just push it until it is straight. If is the later, then you will have to work very, very hard to learn how to straighten it. But, since we are unable to see you, your teacher is going to have to deal with this.

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Then there is the other option: Are you absolutely sure that the mirror is flat? :wacko:

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My knees never look straight, but my teacher has two words to say to me when its not straight: ski boots. When i go skiing i try and straigten my knees in the boots and its hard. Thats the big secret of my mysterious legs. I just hear those words and it is like KNEES! Try finding which of Ms. Leigh's suggestion it is. Then you can work out how it will look straight and then you can just be reminded if you need to. Good luck!

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I have a really hard time straightening my back leg when I do a grandejette and an arabesque. It feels straight but when I look it has a slight bend. I am able to straighten it out in a arabesque but it hurts a little and it feels like it is going to far (I do have slightly hyper-extended legs). When I straighten it in a grandejette my whole leg tenses up because I am trying so hard to straighten it. Is this a bad thing or is it just a normal difficulty that dancers go through? :)


thanks a bunch,


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A lot of dancers have trouble straightening the back leg, especially in a grand jeté. It just takes work and focus on doing that.

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