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Crack crack crack


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:D I crack everywhere and I was just wondering why this is. Is it a genetic thing or is it to do with bone structure. I was just wondering. The pop is my hips. The cracks are my knees, ankles, toes, fingers, elbows, neck, and back. Basically everywhere.
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By running a search prior to answering this question many threads and posts popped up regarding this subject. This is a question that seems to come up every few weeks. Please run a search as the bottom of the page for a tremendous amount of interesting information on this subject. I typed in "cracking hips" or try "cracking knees". "Cracking joints" came up with nothing.


Generally speaking, cracking joints are annoying to some by sound but not something to be overly concerned about.

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But if you can fit a "snap" in there, you can box yourself, and try to market yourself as breakfast cereal. :wink:

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Guest star_reacher

Heyy, always when I and others at my ballet school are dancing, you hear snaps, crackles, and pops. It is very normal, (I believe) and nothing to really worry about. I always feel better when my hip, for instance, cracks. Because when my hip does crack, I feel more open and looser in my body and I feel more streched out.

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Guest dancing_girl01

i have the exact same problem. i can be doing my tap/ballet/modern and my ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow well any part of my body will click (very loudly which can be quite embarrassing!!) it doesnt hurt at all and my dance teacher says it will probably just be the way my bones are! but im worried about arthritis as i have been told cracking bones causes this. i dont know if any one else has the same problem as it would be comforting to know there are many of us out there! :wink:

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im worried about arthritis as i have been told cracking bones causes this.


And I've been told that the Moon is made of green cheese. How good for both of us that neither thing is true.

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