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Guest dancing_girl01

any advice will be gratefully accepted...

i have been practicing pointe work for roughly 6 months now and i am (slowly) getting quite good at it. but in the last month i have noticed that my feet are beginning to hurt A LOT when i do it and i also get cramp reguarly. it never used to do this, even at the beginning. i use animal wool at my toes (recommended by my teacher) but i am beginning to worry that i will have to stop doing pointe work because of the pain.


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One of the causes of cramping is an inbalance of calcium and potassium. We deal with it in our house from time to time and snacks have milk and bananas added to them. My girls have found this really helps. Regarding pointe work and pain, we've been dealing with this as well. In our case what used to be a good fit in pointe shoes became the cause of the pain. As feet have developed we've changed shoes many times. Recently my youngest was in the wrong width shoe. Growing bodies and deveoping feet can change a lot and sometimes quite quickly. It's just one of many things it could be. If you haven't talked to your teacher I suggest you do so, a good teacher will hopefully be able to guide you.

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[Pssst, Pasdetrois, this is the YOUNG DANCERS 13-16 forum. Parents may view, but should not be heard (except in very rare cases). Only Mr. Johnson, Ms. Leigh and the other teacher-moderators are allowed to give advice.


Thanks, :) ]

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My first few months of pointe were fine, too. Then: pain & cramps. I'm one of the few ballet girls who asked to go Off pointe! I was eleven, but started serious ballet a little late. I tried different shoes but still had pain or a cramp. My teacher had me do half the barre en pointe & the rest of class on flat. I felt sort of silly, but knew it was the right thing. Our AD suggested more technique classes to strengthen my feet & gave me permission to do my level, a level up, & a level down. I Lived in the studio. By summer, I was back on pointe, without pain. In fall, I moved up with my class. I Love Pointe & Variations more than anything now. My friends ask, "You took yourself OFF pointe??" and it's kind of true. It sounds radical, but it worked. we sometimes want pointe {or to do something else "big" in dance} so much, but not everyone's ready at the same time or age. My teacher helped by not making me feel bad over it; no one teased me. It taught me to trust my teachers and to problem-solve as a dancer. If something feels "wrong", ask for help, and don't be afraid to be a little different.

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(Pssst. tututrina, dancemaven's caution means you, too!) Although anecdotes are helpful for morale in the form of not being alone, Ms. Leigh, Mrs. Schneider and I would like to hear back from dancing_girl01 before proceeding with any advice.

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Guest dancing_girl01

thanks for all of your advice ppl!!

i have a weeks break from dancing at thr moment as it is easter so when i returni will definately be talking to her.

i had my shoes specially fitted for my fett so i know that they fit. i dont know what to do as i would love to continue working on pointe.

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That's a good idea. After all, your teacher is there, and can tell you what's happening by observation. We can try to help, but we can't see you, so it makes advising a dodgy affair, where we need a LOT of additional information before we can make an educated guess about what's going on.

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