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L' Allegro

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A new topic- share favorite combinations!


(pilfered from your teacher OR your own)


[Ms. Leigh and/or Mr. Johnson, is this sort of thing O.K.?]


Petit Allegro:


*begin 5th position, right foot back


*glissade, assemblé, echappé, glissade, assemblé, changement, changement( now you're 5th position right foot FRONT)


*sissonne(en arabesque), failli, assemblé right foot front, sissonne(en arabesque), failli, assemblé right foot front


*pas de chat right, pas de chat, pas de chat, assemblé right foot front




(if you're really crazy, do it battu- with beats everywhere you can stick them!)

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ARRGGHH! Please, don't do this sort of thing to me! Your spelling isn't all that bad, and I made over thirty corrections! And I didn't even get into the "dessus/dessous" business. Let's leave it at this! :wacko:

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