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Sick from Ballet?

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Guest MissBallet

Hey =)


Not to long ago, infact just last Wedensday, I did a back to back ballet class. I did an extra class and right after the extra one, I did my normal class. the next day, I had a sore throat. after that, I was staying at home, sick. I am STILL at home sick. Mom says its's from ballet, but is it possible that that could happen? I mean nobody in my classes are sick or anything...




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You might not, in fact, probably aren't, ill directly because of ballet. You may, however, be ill as an indirect consequence of ballet, as it may have placed you in a position and circumstance to encounter the actual source of infection. What does not make other people sick might very well make you sick. Whatever is bothering you might even have been incubating while you were taking class. You may have contracted the illness rather earlier.

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