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Ribbons with flats


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It seems that around Grade 4 in local studios, girls would wear ribbons with flats instead of elastic. Seems to be an RAD thing. My classmates are pre-pointe.


I have always been too lazy to tie ribbons so I've stuck with elastic straight across but I'm the only one sans ribbons in my class so I have decided to sew ribbons on to blend in.


I just got them on (I hope I did it right, I suck at sewing) and did a few practice releves. To my surprise although I am not used to the ribbons, they seem to provide support for the ankles and I stay up easier and longer than I normally do (feels like cheating). Also my arch looks much better (the shoe sags a bit with just the elastic). I wear leather full-soles and usually my arch does not look satisfactory.


Anyone else wears them? What do you think?


Ps. On a nostalgic note, years ago when I was in Pre-Ballet as a girl, I had flats with ribbons. I wish I've kept those baby flats!

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Dear Sakura, it's a good thing that you actually feel the real purpose of ribbons in ballet shoes. Not many students understand it, and many think that those shiny satin materials are there for being pretty. I always tell my RAD Grade 4 students, who wear canvas flats with ribbons for the first time, to tie the ribbons correctly, not simply turning them over the ankles carelessly, to make sure they serve their correct purpose. After all, they will serve a lot more in pointe shoes.


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Guest dancinpixie


I'm an new member here and am also a member of dance.net. I just wanted to say that I studied IDTA ballet for 16 years and I have always had ribbons on my flats! They serve the purpose outlined above (teaching how to tie ribbons before pointe is started), and also for shows they look fantastic. Also, as I have been doing this for so long, it doesn't take long at all to tie them and get going in class.

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Sometimes I take class with a pre-pointe group. Their teacher makes them sew ribbons on their flats so that they will get used to tying them and not take extra time when they finally get their pointe shoes

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Guest Knight

I know CPYB "Central Pennslyvannia Youth Ballet requires their students to have ribbons on there ballet shoes along with their pointe shoes.


Seems somewhat old fashioned, but I can see why it is required for the girls. As ballet, girls, and pointe shoes go hand and hand.

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It seems to me very RAD, at least no one in my Cecchetti classes wears ribbons.

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As ballet, girls, and pointe shoes go hand and hand.


Hand in hand... with a strong man!

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It seems to me very RAD, at least no one in my Cecchetti classes wears ribbons.


I is also Vaganova

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