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Bump. Anyone?

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Duke...I chose it because I think that it is a place where I can both get a great academic education AND continue dancing at a level that will allow me to do pro auditions after I graduate!

anyone else?

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DD chose Brown, for its range of opportunities. Dancing will not be as good as at her other top choice -- Vassar -- but the food's better ....

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DD chose UNLV, where she can focus equally on ballet, jazz and modern...and, where there is a definite possibility of employment dancing professionally BEFORE graduation. :clover:

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visiting mom - unlv - what does that stand for? Univ. of Las Vegas???? my daughter will be a junior next year and I'm starting to compile the "list" of possible schools.



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Congratulations to your daughter, Treefrog! :green::D Best wishes for a wonderful 4 years at Brown! :flowers:


Yes, PK, you started this thread so please do let us know where your daughter is going - and am I correct that dance will be her major, or will it be more of a minor?

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My DD decided after a number of auditions and school visits, to attend the University of Michigan.

Her decision was based on academics and the substantial academic scholarship. She hopes to double major...biochemistry and dance. DD dance teachers felt that a strong modern program was best for her.


In response to the 'list', DD started with the college dance program guide from dance magazine, it had a nice matrix of degrees and programs along with contact info and a paragraph or two about each schools dance program and lots of thought provoking articles about college vs. entering the professional arena after HS. Good reading for DD and us!


For DD, starting early was key! (somewhere around Christmas junior year). Coordinating visits and more importantly, auditions were tricky. Some of the more academically selective universities require a preliminary or full acceptance to the university before allowing students to schedule an audition...watch deadlines and specific requirements!


Hope this helps, GOOD LUCK

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My daughter will be attending U of So.Fla. as a dance major pre med. She's been combining these passions for a long time. It isn't a double major, but a heavy load. Congrats to all who are still keeping the dance dream going strong!

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Guest jendavis

My DD begins at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts this fall as a dance major. Their BFA program is heavily modern dance-based, but does require ballet as well. Ballet is not my DD's strongest suit and she struggles with pointe; her strengths are modern, jazz, and hip-hop.


In terms of choosing the school, it was a joint decision between us and her. We told her upfront what we could afford and what she had to pay. Before she made the decision to major in dance, she had thought about Brown (with the hope of a scholarship to help pay). But once she made the dance major decision, she really zeroed in on UW-Milwaukee. Academically, UW-Milwaukee isn't a difficult school, but it does have one of the best college dance programs in the midwest. And in addition to the performing aspect of their BFA, there is an additional option to obtain teacher certification in dance. DD's first choice is to join a contemporary dance company and find an opportunity to choreograph - if that doesn't pan out, she can teach dance at a high school (many high schools offer dance as either a fine arts elective or p.e. alternative).


She was very nervous before the audition, but afterwards felt it wasn't overly difficult (ballet barre then a modern class and jazz class - solos were required as well and DD performed a modern solo she choreographed). I think she was just grateful there wasn't pointe required.

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It seems more DKs must be off to college than this...am I wrong? There is so much dialogue on the college info area, but where are all the grads going? :thumbsup:

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My dd changed her mind mid-way through her senior year about pursuing a ballet major in college. Instead, she will pursue a dance minor at Indiana U. The minor is available not through the Music School but through the Kinesiology Department. However, the ballet elective is offered through the Music School. Even with one ballet technique class, she will still be dancing 4 days a week; more, once she takes the other courses offered through the minor. She is really happy about her decision and loves Indiana U where she is headed in 10 days! I believe she made the right decision too.


For those just beginning the process, somehow it all works out for the best.

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