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Jet glue disaster

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DD had jet glue down in her dance bag and it spilled on a fairly new knit warm up. The glue ate holes in the warm up. We were able to cover the holes with cute patches so she can still wear it, but just a warning to others--keep the glue in a tightly closed zip top bag or some other protective container!! Does anyone have any experience with dissolving the glue if this happens again? We are keeping it completely out of her bag now.

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Yikes! Seems like if it DID spill, even inside a baggie, that it would eat thru the baggie itself? Maybe it would be good inside an empty metal bandaid box? I never even thought of this - great warning!

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The solvent in Krazy Glue/Jet Glue, which makes it stay liquid, is an acetone. It will eat most kinds of plastic, including vinyls, styrenes, and acetates. Polyesters and polycarbonates should be safe. Nylons may not be.

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My dd had the glue in her bag- it spilled and ruined one of her favorite leotards and one of her pointe shoe ribbons. Now she keeps it at home and glues before she leaves for class!

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Aren't you supposed to keep Jet Glue in the refrigerator? That's what dd was told when she bought it at our local dance shop.

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You can do that, but you don't have to.

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I know I'm not supposed to type here but I thought it fit better with this jet glue story instead of the worst jet glue experiences. Is there any good thing that can get it off of your skin besides picking away at it until your fingers are red and swollen? :blink:

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My latest endeavor is jewelry-making, and I was experimenting the other night with using a drop of Jet glue to secure the crimp tube at the end of a strand of beading wire and nodded off during the process :sleeping: (sleep is always the first casualty in my schedule) and woke up still holding the bottle of glue, but it was glued to a couple of my fingers, which were also glued to each other. :) The glue also ran down the beading wire, gluing several inches of semi-precious beads together. (Fortunately they were salvageable!) My daughter has also had glue spill in her dance bag, ruining various items. Its great stuff, but user beware!

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I suspect that the greatest benefit to keeping it in the refrigerator is that it stays upright and OUT of the dance bag. :)


Our Jet Glue problem is having the top glued firmly to the bottle .... Not a disaster, but sure is a waste of expensive glue! I wonder if we can drip acetone down the neck and unstick it?

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Balletmom. LOL!


Gosh, I often keep it at home, but have often put in in ziploc in my bag, thinking that I was being smart. Never will do that agin. Thanks for the tip that it'll eat through plastic.

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I keep the jet glue in the freezer to prolong the shelf life, which I was told is aprox. 2 years. It won't freeze in the freezer and you can still use it right away, you don't have to let it return to room temp.

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Not a parent, but armed with much experience in disasters involving jet glue...


If I absolutely have to take jet glue with me in my bag (I usually keep it at home), I wrap it up tightly in a plastic grocery bag or drug store bag. I haven't yet had it eat through that many layers of plastic.


To Treefrog: I always end up with my bottle tops glued on too, and I have found that I can sometimes get them open if I pry them with a longish pair of scissors. It can be a difficult task to get the blades underneath the cap, but if you can manage it, you can get a good bit of leverage to pry the top off. If that doesn't work, you can needle a hole into the bottle to get at least a little bit more out before you have to throw it away.


And please encourage your dancers to make sure the glue is completely dry before putting the shoe on! Sounds like common sense, but when I was in school one of my good friends ended up having her pointe shoe sawed off in the emergency room with one of those saws they use to cut off casts. She lost a good bit of skin in the process. The emergency room staff was amused; the teaching staff, not so much.

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You can wrap the Jet Glue in something that it dissolves. If it gets loose, the wrapping will act as a "sacrificial" buffer, like the heat shields on spacecraft. Just make sure that there are enough layers between the goo and the rest of the bag.

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knock knock, i don't know if i can post here because I'm a student

I recently spilled jet glue on my new grey ABT warmups (the overalls). Luckily it was only a drop but i was wondering if the acetone would harm the fabric?

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