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How to tell your parents you want to go to a residence program

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But I have been thinking a lot and I think I want to go hopefully to Virginia School of the Arts for full program if I were to get in. My question is for all you parents and kids: parents, was it hard for you to accept your daughter leaving, and kids: how did you tell them you were ready to go to a full year program. I really want to do this, so hopefully I can, and hopefully when I audition next year I get accepted!!



::Sorry if this post is kind of confusing::




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Nicolette, RAD is not what you mean to say when you are talking about Residency programs. RAD is a method of training, like Cecchetti or Vaganova or Bournonville or International Mix. You just want to go to a residency program!


As for asking for answers from parents, that won't happen here, as parents cannot see the Buddy Board. However, you will get answers from students.

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Just for reference's sake, RAD means Royal Academy of Dance. Some residencies do prepare candidates for RAD examinations, but in the US, most don't.

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whoooppps sorry if you want you can move the topic so i can get some input from parents too! thanks

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In total, I've gone away for 18 summer weeks without my parents. When I told them I wanted to go to a school in a different state, they accepted my wish. All you have to do is ask!

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Well I decided to go to a year round program which is a boarding school (Walnut Hill School) but I am a day student. When I was in 7th grade I knew I wanted to go away to an intense ballet program, so I researched and auditioned for about 5 different programs. My parents have always been supportive of my dancing, but they were worried that my academics may suffer. So we looked into each school very much to make sure I would get great academics as well as great ballet training. And something that is really nice, is that my parents asked a lot of relatives and neighbors whether they thought it was a good idea to let me go to a private arts school, instead of our public schools (which are also very good). Most people replied that they thought I should get a "traditional high school experience" and that I should "be normal like everyone else". My parents would say that since I would be dancing for two hours a day, plus driving and warming up time, I would have little time to do homework and I would probably have to stay up extremely late each night and be stressed out all the time. Some people even told my parents that "life is about being stressed and working through it". I'm very proud of my parents for not taking their advice! Neither of my parents thought there was anything that wonderful about high school and that I should be able to be happy and not as stressed out (I already suffer from stress-related conditions).

So I think you should just ask them kindly, and tell them all the reasons why you want to go away for a ballet program, and why you are mature enough to go. Good luck and tell us how it goes!

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So did you talk to your parents about it? How did it go? If you have any more questions, or any questions on being at a residency program, feel free to ask or PM me!

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I havent asked just yet I will sooonnnnnn!!! I will tell you as soon as I ask! Thanks for your help!

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::Caution: Upset teen::


Hey, I'm in the same situation!!! I'm thinking about Haird, VSA, NCSA, or Walnut Hill too!!(Plus Nutmeg) The thing is, I'm only just about to turn 13, and unfornatly, my parents are saying ABSOLUTLY NOT until 1st, probably more like 2nd year of high school!!! HELP!! In my opionion (and my teachers) the first year of high school is a good time to go(or earlier). I don't understand! My grades are ok (all a's, 90 and up average), i've been to a few intensives and conventions, and i'm on a competative team. The only reason i can think of is ive only been doing ballet 2 1/2 years, but my teacher says i have natural ability :wink: , i've been doing jazz/ modern 4 years. Feel free to pm me. (I think i can pm)

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tdc gurl, not only can you not PM, which takes 30 substantial posts, but you actually cannot post any longer either. Please come back when you have actually turned 13. Notify me via the Contact Us link when you are 13. In the meantime, you are blocked from posting.

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