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Sewing elastics on ballet slippers


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I use only one elastic on each slipper, sewn on either side of the back seam of the shoe (many dancers use this same style on their pointes to keep them up over the heel). Just one elastic per shoe is sufficient for me and gives a cleaner, smoother look to the foot, accentuating the height of the instep.


Sewing in this style is simple. First, if you have canvas slippers designed for the criss-cross style, you altogether remove one of the complimentary elastics that come pre-sewn to each shoe. Then you stitch the remaining elastic onto the heel which you have just made *elastic-less*, making the two ends of the elastic line up evenly. As long as your shoes have come in the pre-sewn criss-cross style elastic, the elastic pieces should be long enough for this (maybe if you have a super banana foot, you'd find it feels tight)...


This style makes the elastic hit a very high point on the arch, right up where the arch adjoins the ankle. From there the elastic runs down either side of the foot, in a sharp diagonal line, to the heel.


With this style, the shoe will definitely not come off the heel. Plus, with the pre-sewn criss-cross slippers, you only have to attach one end of the elastic on each shoe, which makes for less overall sewing time. (However you do have to start out by devoting a few minutes to cutting off the second elastic). :wink:

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