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At my studio we are doing Paquita and the only problem is that there is not a guy that is tall enough to partner me in the pas de deux. there is however, one boy who is about a head shorter then me (6 inches?) when I’m en Pointe, but we can do the pas de deux really well together (I’m balanced, lots of pirouettes, we move well together). It’s just that I end up towering over him.


So my question is, what height differences are aesthetically appropriate, and what just ends up looking funny.

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The things you've mentioned seem to indicate that it's going well. Don't worry about the height differential if all else is right.

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*knock knock--not 22 *


I agree with Mel 100%. Confidence, happiness, accomplishment, and involvement are ALL that matter on stage.


And I love your quote/signature. That's the real reason I wanted to post.

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That's happened to me before too...I was cast in the Arabian pas de deux for The Nutcracker this year, and my partner was a couple of inches shorter than I when I went on pointe. Actually, I think it sometimes helps during turns and lifts...your body is right there for him to maneuver, and he doesn't have to reach down awkwardly at any point to try and grab you. So yeah, it sounds like you and your partner are doing really well together! Good luck to you :thumbsup:

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