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I have a question regarding a problem I have always had. The way my legs are built makes it almost impossible to get my heels and knees together when standing in first position. I usually keep a small space between my heels so I can keep my knees together, but lately the principal teacher at my school has been wanting to eliminate this space. But my problem is, forcing my heels and knees together puts A LOT of stress on my knees and seems to really work (and tire) my quads. I know I have heard somewhere that some teachers will accept a small space in between the heels for people with this problem. I'd just like to hear some professional opinions on this or what should I do?


By the way, I have well built calf muscles; my knees are not hyperextended. I think it's possibly the calves that might be making it impossible to close my heels.

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Without seeing you, it is almost impossible to say for sure what is best for you. You mention pressure on your knees when your heels are together? If the pressure is painful, make sure you consult a medical professional because this is an unusual result of standing with heels together in 1st position.


To generalize, most students are able to stand with their heels together in 1st position, assemble their knees together and create a straight line of the leg. Have you discusssed your "pressure" with your teacher? Since your teacher is able to see you, perhaps there may be a few suggestions that might help to alleviate your discomfort. There are various reasons heels cannot or should not be held together in 1st position as well. Ask for a meeting to discuss your concerns.

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Guest meylincb

I have the same problem, my heels never touch in first position but my knees do. Its becuase i have hyper-extended legs. Maybe your legs my be slightly hyperextended? but not enough so it really shows.

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My response above is taking into consideration the fact that Hopefuldancer may be hyperextended. There are differing schools of thought on how to work with hyperextention. Please run a search for some very helpful information from previous discussions.

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