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Dance while not at studio


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I have left a studio because of issues. I'm trying to find a good one in the chicago suburbs, but what can I do to stay in shape while I'm not doing a regular curriculum. I don't really have a place to practice at home. I am doing crunches and stretches at home, but what else can I do? I have nowhere to swim at the moment. Any suggestions out there?

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which part of Il do you live in, is it close to the suburbs of schaumburg, bartlett, hanover park, carol stream, or bloomingdale.

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Hello glissade, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :blink: I'm sorry we missed your post yesterday.


I would suggest Pilates, and do as much barre and stretching as you can do at home. There is usually a way to do at least a barre at home, with a little furniture rearranging :blushing: I've done it in some pretty small hotel rooms!

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I live right by all of those towns. I live in wheaton. I think I've found another good studio, but any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

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*knock knock... * Sorry, I'm totally not in this age group but I just had to throw in my 2 cents on this one... :(


Slow tendus. Lots of them. Just from first position. Focus on alignment, turnout, stretching the legs, stretching the feet, and anything else you can think of. Go reeeeallly slow. This is pretty much one of the hardest things I can think of and one of the best ways to improve technique that I can think of, and it can be done anywhere. :D

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Knock knock-older teen!

Yup, I agree with the other posters-do very clean, simple barres-focus on clean technique so that you don't start reinforcing bad habits.

You can do barre pretty much anywhere, i've discovered. I was in france for 2 weeks this spring, and i did a barre every day in a space that was literally not bigger than 4 feet by 2.5 feet, holding onto a bed and a windowsill. :jawdrop: it's possible! of course, pilates is great, too.

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I think I'll do some barre work at home even though I'm at another studio now. I'm not taking that many classes--only two on monday and two on saturday, although I may sign up for more. My parents budget is a bit tight right now. so in between monday and saturday I'll have to do some work at home. Thanks for the input!

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Also, I'm wondering if I'm really at a good school or not. I know some people say that having lyrical is a bad sign.....but it seems as if they have a really good ballet program. I've heard that they used to have only ballet and pointe, but then they accomidated some students from another studio that had all these other forms of dance. So now they have jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop, and modern. Their ballet program is really strong, though, and I know that their teachers for ballet are good. The owner of the studio has been really nice to me and took a personal interest in me which was like a breath of fresh air after I was being ignored. In fact a couple of the ballet teachers at this studio also teach at my old studio, so I know that they are good. Oh, I forgot to mention that they have character too....that teacher also used to teach at my old studio as well. So do you think that it is a good studio or not?

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