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Any ideas about obtaining character shoes?


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adelaide parent

My son is using a bloch black jazz shoe for his grade 1 Rad exam later in the year, my older son used these. Depending on the age of your boy shoelace tying in the middle of an exam can be a bit stressful so i replaced the laces with thin black elastic so he could slip them on quickly like the girls, no one wants to be the person that everyone is waiting for.

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Hello....I need help! I read all the previous information on this thread in regards to character shoes and looked at the links....but I am now more confused as to what to do. I am spinning in circles.

I have an 11 year old son who will need a pair of character shoes for a 6wk SI this summer. He will need to bring boots as well and we have those already.

My confusion about the character shoes are: 1.) Sizing; DS wears a boy's size 7M shoe. SI did not specify heel size when they sent back an email to me. 2.) If the heel is to big, I worry about my kid snapping his ankle or falling off balance for that matter if the heel is to high like some of the cuban/latin ballroom shoes I looked at. 3.) In addition, would canvas or leather jazz shoes be to flimsy, along with having "zero" support? Also, what about heel pain? Son had abit of heel pain in the Sansha character boot. These boots did not have a true thick heel, DS was performing/rehearsing regularly the Russian dance from Nutcracker. He was using his heels alot.


I did like the Bloch 300MS and the price was better than the Capezio 445...which is alittle steep for us at the moment. However, I do not want to go and be cheap at the expense of my DS feet. Rather have a good quality shoe for him.

Does anyone have some history with the Bloch, Capezio shoes? Would that be a better way to go? Are these shoes a much better quality shoe, with much more support that would hold up longer? Any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks :helpsmilie::flowers:

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Don't do latin shoes unless they asked for them, and jazz shoes are too flimsy for Character work. I would call the SI and ask if they have any brand recommendations or style they prefer.


Many men's styles are sized same as US street shoe size, so check the size charts for help with that. Character shoes are typically made of leather so they will breathe and stretch.


My men have worn both Bloch and Capezio, and either brand works fine.

Good luck!

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When we had to buy them the dance store sold us the same shoes used allegedly used for ballroom dancing. But they said they were "real" character shoes. I don't know if those were Latin shoes or not and really had no experience. The heel wasn't too big, they were nice soft leather but not flexible (so firm enough for character), etc. Can't remember the brand but they were really nice. They were also about $150 and that was five or six years ago. We showed them to his teacher and her recommendation was to buy tap shoes. They are sold without the tap/metal. We did that for a lot less and they worked better than I believe the other, more expensive shoes would have worked. It was a great option since they weren't doing character that often. You can get heel insets (gel I think) if you are concerned about cushioning his heel.

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Thank you very much Clara 76 and Cheetah for posting your thoughts, wisdom, and suggestions.


It is appreciated...I think you have given me some options to work with.


Have a great day!

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i ordered a pair from a UK dance store- They were reasonably priced and shipping wasn't bad either- i just searched RAD boys/men character shoes

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