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You don't say NO to a presidential scholarship. That's a ticket to an ivy league school. SYTYCD is a ticket to the chorus in a Broadway show.


Sounds cool though, you can always audition after the Scholarship.

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I was only able to watch the audition and then "dance for your life" bit for Nicole Knudson ("Marge Simpson"). I was also not at all blown away by her. I was also confused, because in the youtube clip just before her "dance for your life" bit, she was saying that she wanted to judges to concentrate on her and not her hair...so why didn't she just put it up??? If I'd been her partner I'd have been really annoyed about being hit in the face by hair all the time! Maybe it's just a personal preference...I cannot dance with my hair down; probably been conditioned through years of ballet! I was also surprised by her nervousness etc, as she seems to have been performing in the dance world for quite some time. Perhaps it was because of having to dance in a genre she's not used to?


Lau - The judges made a big deal out of how much they disliked her hair when it was put up in a pile on top of her head (as she had it in her audition). They insisted that she take it down, and once she did they exclaimed how much better she looked with it loose and natural. They then decided that it was likely she would dance her ballroom number much better if she had a chance to dance it with her hair down. No, I am not kidding. She then got to "dance for her life" with a professional ballroom dancer who was also auditioning for the show and who had already made it through to the next round, and she wore her hair down as instructed.


When I Googled Nicole, I found out that she was a New York Dance Alliance Outstanding Dancer award winner in 2009. I believe this is the top prize in this competition, and so I am almost positive she was well known to Tyce prior to auditioning, and as Georgia suggested, she may have even been invited to audition.

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Thanks for clarifying, BelaNina. I didn't particularly like her hair up in the "Marge Simpson" style, either, but if your hair is that long, thick and curly, it can be difficult to tame up into a style. Yes, both she and Ida Saki were NYCDA Outstanding Dancer award winners last year, I think.


I've watched some more of Ida Saki's audition piece now, and I'm liking it more. I'm not so sure I always like her facial expressions though. And I'm absolutely sure that I don't like Tyce making all that noise!!! (Please, please can someone gag him?!) Ida has amazing control over her body and movements. I've also watched some more of Nicole Knudson's other contemporary dancing that is available on youtube and she's quite a good dancer.


I struggle with watching contemporary (as it is presented on this show) though - it just isn't a style that resonates very much with me and there are few contemporary choreographer's (seen on this show) whose work I like. I find it much easier to understand other dance styles. However, I can appreciate the strength and beauty of the human body as seen in these contemporary dancers.

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Lau, I agree with you about the choreography. My mother loves dance, but is totally uneducated about it so her response is very real. She enjoys it for pure pleasure. But she no longer watches SYTYCD because she says it is not even dance; too much acrobatics, rolling around on the floor, and angst, and it all looks the same. I agree about Ida's facial expressions in this piece. I was wondering if it was part of the choreography because I feel like I've seen videos of her dancing and she wasn't making those strange expressions. Whether choreographed or not, she should rethink them.


I try to support dance - all dance, but I am so over this competition contemporary stuff and I feel like the SYTYCD judges are, too, considering some of the comments they have made recently. There needs to be a greater variety of dancers on the show.

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My daughter auditioned in NYC for this show. She made it through to the choreography round, but didn't get to Vegas. The auditions were a 2-day process. I was there the second half of the second day of her audition. They go through a number of auditions before other people - usually top 10 dancers from previous years - before they finally, if they're lucky, get to dance for the "TV" judges. Relatives were allowed to see that round, but none of the auditions, interviews and footage taken before then.


We saw TONS of contemporary dancers. Many were beautifully trained, but all the routines pretty much looked the same. One contemporary dancer, who, to me, looked just like the other ones with gorgeous extensions and feet, was given an immediate pass to Vegas without having to do the choreography round. Mia, Adam and Nigel were the judges. They all knew her already. I thought she (including her routine) was just like many of the others, but they gushed over her. Although I'm a very seasoned ballet observer and know what's great and what isn't, I guess I'm not familiar enough with contemporary to see why one dancer was so highly preferred over some of the others. The judges did frequently comment that there are countless great contemporary dancers, so one must have an exceptional quality to get their notice. Their frequent comments were about whether or not the dancer "sold" the routine: facial expressions in particular.


It was an interesting experience overall. I have strong opinions (hehe, so what else is new? :o ), and found myself very impressed by some aspects of the dancers' experience, but dismayed (and even furious at one point) about others. The worst thing was their taking dancers wearing skimpy costumes outside in sub-freezing temperatures and having them dance on the sidewalk pavement while they filmed. It was fine for the hip hop dancers, not so great for the others, and utterly dangerous for the Irish dancers!

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I'm in the midst of watching tonight's show, but it is too boooooorrrrrriiiiinnnngggg!!!! Sorry, this show is a joke. It's ghastly. IMO!

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Well, I am loving Lauren Froderman.

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I'm not finding it boring, I'm finding it a transition show. The show prior to the top group announcement is always that sort of transition. The only part I've found boring has been the choreography section where they have to do it as a group. But I've never liked that part. I'll reserve the rest of my judgement until it's all said and done.

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I'm in the midst of watching tonight's show, but it is too boooooorrrrrriiiiinnnngggg!!!! Sorry, this show is a joke. It's ghastly. IMO!



I agree I just watched them cut that amazing guy from San Diego. . . I am disgusted and a bit amazed.


Is there something that I missed? What were the gaps in his performance? Maybe I forgot/missed something? I thought that he was so much better than some of the people they are taking!


Does dancing really count? or is it story? drama? Is it So you think you can Dance? or something else?

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Story and drama are definitely huge factors. Couldn't say whether my own kiddo would've gotten in if she had a back story, but she knew going in to the audition that she had none. They constantly asked for one throughout each interview. As she put it to us privately, "I had a happy childhood and no big traumas in my life. Things are great!" Hehe, and THAT'S suddenly a negative :lol:

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"They constantly asked for one throughout each interview. As she put it to us privately, "I had a happy childhood and no big traumas in my life. Things are great!" Hehe, and THAT'S suddenly a negative"


I agree, the story line is very important. DD did a reality series this year, was cast because she had what appeared to be a "good backstory" but when her identity crisis at being adopted and lack of social adjustment because she is in a mixed race family did not pan out on camera, she was relegated to a tiny part and about 10 minutes of air time for the whole series. But she was very well paid for her 10 minutes, so in her mind it was a win.


As a family we now find all the reality TV shows rather difficult to watch because it becomes so easy to see where they cease to be reailty.

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Sorry, I just really went off.


Yes, Momof..., it was the choreography section that did it. I thought this show was about dancing. Choreographing is a different skill set and to judge these dancers on their choreographic skills seems misplaced. But maybe they all knew that they would be expected to choreograph. The choreography in general is pretty awful.


So what do these dancers do after they are on this show? The only thing I've been able to see is that they do the SYTYCD tour or work for the show. It's kind of like college dance - it's a bit of a self perpetuating field.


I really don't like these judges. I'm also put off by the way they have treated Alex Wong (as well as Anthony Burrell). It's kind of the way they treated Danny Tidwell. These are really great dancers who are known as much for their performance qualities as their technical skills, but somehow these judges feel that they have to "guide and teach" these performers who are already successful professional dancers. To me, it makes the judges look as if they are not terribly knowledgeable or not very exposed to certain areas of the dance world. And what's up with allowing dancers to compete with serious injuries and what appears to be without warming up? (The 6am practice session - in a lobby)


I could be entirely wrong, but that is how it comes across to me. But I am really happy for and impressed with Jose Ruiz. Now he is the kind of dancer the show should be about - a raw talent who when asked to do dance forms that he is not trained in does an incredible job! Not just another "contemporary" dancer. The show definitely needs a wider variety of dancers.

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I just finished watching tonights show and I'm really angry. Why did they take a 6th guy for the show and not add a 6th girl. It's like saying that there were far more great guys than there were girls. I saw numerous girls that could have been picked for a 6th girl. Wow, talk about unequal oppurtunity for the girls. The best part of tonights show was that Alex Wong made it. Great news for television but kinda of sad for the ballet world and Miami City Ballet. At least a male ballet dancer will be on the show. Look forward to seeing the top 11 dance tomorrow night. It really should be top 12 and maybe they will surprise us tomorrow night and include a 6th girl.

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Backstory is certainly important to reality TV. It's the TV in the reality. Since we really didn't see all Top 10 throughout, it's hard to say if they hit the nail on the head or not yet. I personally have two that I would not have put there and one I would have put there in place of another.


Not sure what I think about the interactions with Ida. While I'm sure there was alot of splicing and fixing up of the footage of her, one cannot negate the dance sequences that were not stellar and the frustration that she did voice (when will these kids remember their every word is being recorded, it is Season 7 after all). Either way, she does have amazing opportunities ahead of her but it does make you wonder whether the frustration fed the decision more than the award fed the decision. That's not a slam, just a clear picture of why lots of people walk away from dance at the umpteenth hour.


The 11th position made no sense to me. I hope that clears up some tomorrow.

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Momof.... I'm sure they have footage of every dancer looking bad, frustrated, messing up, etc. They are able to use whatever footage they need to make their story line work. It's all in the editing!

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