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I agree that having ballet pulled out of a hat for contestants to dance is a hot mess in the making. It would not serve the dancers or the genre well. I think it would freak out most of us on this board! But I wouldn't mind seeing another classical ballet number a la Melissa and Ade. It would be a matter of determining which of the contemporary dancers (male and female) could perform it well. I'm not sure we as viewers can tell based on the dancing we've seen and I'm also not sure how the judges make that determination.


As far as ballet dancers opting to come on this show instead of putting time in as a trainee or apprentice to a company, etc., I don't know what Danny or Alex's motivation was, but maybe they thought SYTYCD was just another pathway beyond the traditional classical ballet route. Maybe it's another way for them to expand themselves as ballet dancers and versatile artists. There may be opportunities to perform, to teach, to choreograph, to market their own line of dancewear, to create a artist brand, to break into acting or singing, or bottom line-make money doing what they love. For some of these ballet dancers, maybe it's not enough to make the corps or second soloist with the company. We may not agree with it or understand it (I don't pretend to), but SYTYCD is another path. It's hard to say what the show has done for the ballet dancers like Danny, Alex and Melissa, other than provided them with a dance industry credential. I think the jury is still out on that. We'll have to continue to closely watch their careers.

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I think it would be cool if they could have a So You Think You Can Dance for ballet dancers. then they could be tested in different genres but when ballet was chosen, they would actually do well. another idea of mine is the same show for ballet dancers, but just ballet. Every week they could pull a ballet out of a hat. Then they would learn a pas de deux from that ballet and perform it. I'd definitely want to watch that.

Just a few of my ideas. :innocent:

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That would be a fantastic idea for a show! Can we get Baryshnikov to judge? Maybe show it on Ovation?

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That is a great idea, balletaddict!!!!!! :unsure:

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I enjoyed the show tonight and enjoyed getting to "know" each couple. I think the show should keep this format and allow that the first week is simply to show the couples dancing, not to garner votes. I also think it would be good for them to allow each couple to dance a mutually beneficial dance the first week together. Forget the perceived "hat". Both so we can get a glimpse of how they look but also so no one style of dance can eliminate. I thought all the couples did well with what they were given, but would not have wanted to be the Bollywood number or there was one other that escapes me right now, which I don't think will garner votes even though the dancers themselves might have.


I don't see a standout like I have in recent history. But I do see dancers with the ability to tell a story through their dancing. Artist in the making even though technique might be missing. It's a wait see for me.

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Tops in my living room today were the contemporary with the chairs, the bird hip hop, the Viennese waltz and the jazz with the hats. Bottoms were the very first routine (sexual chemistry can't be fabricated by smiling at the audience, Ryan...) and the salsa.


How many people do you think knew what Nigel meant by "terpsichorean"?

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The lack of technique and the emphasis on "sexy" stories this year is really bothering me. It is all just way over the top. I agree, there are no true standouts. I'm not sure I even want to continue to watch the show. The numbers are all starting to look the same, and technique doesn't seem to matter to the judges anymore.

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Ballet Mistress tdc

I totally agree tutu2you. The judges keep saying that this is best talent they have ever seen and that the boy are strong and that the girls are "beasts" but I just don't see it.

I didn't get to watch tonight due to my teaching schedule but I'm really not disappointed. How sad is that??! :shrug:

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Twinkle Mom

I am loving Debbie Reynolds and her comments! :shrug: I had no idea she was so funny.

I wish she would take me home! :huh:

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Victoria Leigh

I will admit to being very tired last night, however, I really was totally underwhelmed by everything. Primarily the choreography. I am finding the judges gushing to be way over the top. They have just been so overly positive with everyone, and with all the choreography. There were some good pieces last week, but I found this week seriously lacking in quality.


Like Momof3, I have no stand out favorites yet. I like some of the dancers more than others, but have not come close to picking anyone to vote for.

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The American version seems quite different from the Belgian one.


Here in Belgium the contestants were taken to boot camp in Moscow where they had to take class in a ballet school for a week (not sure which one) and perform the Swan Lake pas de deux at the end (not on pointe though).


During the live shows there were (not classical) several performances on pointe, and they were very very strong!

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That would be very nice to see, Marjolein.


I don't understand the new ballroom choreography. While I thoght the Waltz number was executed well by the dancers, the choreography was more of a dumbed down version. They play down the man's role because they are street dancers, set the music to something on the Top 40, and remove the actual ballroom dance except for a a few steps in the middle. I guess doing the actual ballroom dance was too much either for the dancers or the audience. It is really just a contemporary or hip hop show.


As for the judges, we record the show and then fast forward through their comments. It just seems like they don't have any real feedback any more. Everyone is just "hot tamale" or sexy! I don't know why I watch the show. I guess it's because I like to watch the really good hip hop routines, and ballroom with Nick and his partner.

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