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I am keeping a friend's children this week while she is out of town. Both know my DD's but are not dancers themselves. They are actually basketball, softball, soccer, etc. types of athletes. (ages 16 and 9) The only dance these kids are exposed to is once a year when they come see my kids in the Nutcracker.


It was funny to listen to their comments since the dancers they were drawn to were those who performed with emotion regardless of whether they had any inkling of "good dancer" in them or not. I guess they would be the "audience" any show like this will aim for. Meaning someone who will sit and watch the program, will return next week and would vote if so encouraged.


They both hated the ribbon dancer for the same reasons the judge berated him. They LOVED the big guy with the extension our DD's would kill for. They thought the trained animal instinct jazz number was weird but she was good. And they loved every single hip hop dancer but rated them based on their tricks.



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I am getting this vibe that a lot of you don't consider Breakdancing and Hip Hop, forms of dance. :shrug: Or if nothing else consider them lesser compared to Ballet.

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I also watched the show with a group of 'non-dance' types at a party. The women LOVED the show and cheered people on the way people would cheer on a football or basketball game. The show brought some excitement to an otherwise non-eventful party. The men also watched portions of the show, but were more amused by watching the women-watchers.


In a nutshell, I think this will bring some excitement and television exposure to dance, the same way that the Ballroom with the Stars did. I recently read that Ballroom with the Stars had 22 million viewers and will return for a second season. And because of this new explosion of televised dance, more DVDs on movies with a dance theme are being released to the public.


So, maybe technique is not going to bring in the money. If the public wants to see the tricks and excitement and fun, then that is what the producers will offer.


Just like a great book that is made into a movie, the good stuff usually gets left out. But that's Hollywood!

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I watched the show, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for any form of dance though.

It will be interesting to see how the show progresses.

How about the dramatic statement by the belly dancer who found she was "out of her leaque" because she never received formal dance training. Yes, definately, if you are well trained you have an edge, but clearly they chose dancers with passion and personality. No money can buy that!

I'm kind of hoping they have chosen dancers with minimul dance training, but who have great potential. That'll be fun to watch them progress.

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It airs on FOX at 8 PM every Wednesday.

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I believe it is live because on the chat for the show at FOX's website people have started putting "vote for -----". I'm assuming that means there is a voting round so some of it must be live. Does anyone know for sure?

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I think it will be live (and people vote, like in American Idol) because when they cut the Julliard dancer, the head producer said that he didn't think men would vote for him because his dancing wasn't masculine enough. Which I kept yelling at the tv because even if it were true (it's subject to interpretation), what does it matter?


There's a wide range of dance styles. There are some more classically trained dancers (i.e. ballet and modern, although we didn't see much of it) and self-taught commercial dancers (I think "commercial" is the term they use for hip-hop, breaking, and Britney Spears-tyle dancing?). And some ethnic/folk dancers. And they are all expected to be able to pick up and perform choreography that is very commercial. So naturally the people who are already into that will have it easier.


One thing about the one belly dancer who dropped out because she was "out of her league" - she said that (because of the style of choreography they were being taught) all you would have left are white Europeans. I'm not sure of the exact words she used, but I think it was somewhere along those lines. But if you looked at the people who made it through to Hollywood from NY and Chicago, there were a lot of people from different backgrounds.


And lastly, yes, there was plenty of bad dancing and some of those "dancers" made it through to Hollywood - but we have to keep something in mind: this is a tv show (like the producer said, he's casting a show). And as we know with "reality" tv shows, they need people to play certain parts. Like the smart one, or the diva, or the shy person, etc. Or someone who looks like she's Britney Spears when she's dancing.


By the way, I think it's kind of funny that the show is called "So You Think You Can Dance?" Apparently a lot of people think they can, but obviously can't.

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Mel Johnson
I am getting this vibe that a lot of you don't consider Breakdancing and Hip Hop, forms of dance.  :angry: Or if nothing else consider them lesser compared to Ballet.


Considering that this is a pro-ballet board, and this program attacked a ballet dancer, it shouldn't be surprising to hear that there is a lot of anti-Lythgoe sentiment out there.


Who in thunder IS Nigel Lythgoe anyway? I've never heard of him.

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Ping--just for the record and with the greatest respect intended. I do consider break dancing and hip hop forms of dance. But no, I don't equate them on the same level as I do ballet. And I'm not apologizing for it either.


The reason is simple: I've never seen a ballet or Jazz dancer at performance level who has not trained their entire life to achieve the necessary level of professional status. I have however, seen dancer after dancer train for a year sometimes less with just their natural dance ability and become a professional hip-hop dancer. Yes, I know there are people now training in the areas of hip-hop. And it has become quite a field indeed. I also know that more and more trained Jazz/Ballet dancers are entering the hip-hop world for it's freedom and it's pay. However, since I used to coach a Nationally ranked high school dance team for 12 years that competed in Jazz, Pom and Hip-hop. I know from that you can take a high school Freshman with absolutely no dance experience at all and by their Senior year get them jobs in LA as a hip-hop dancer. (been there done that) I could not do that with a ballet student unless I pulled them out of school and they did nothing but ballet/Jazz all day long. I see a difference there and I'm not some old fuddy-duddy who doesn't like hip-hop when I say that.


That said, I love watching ANY kind of dance. But I am a little weary of seeing the trained dancers chewed up and spit out on dance reality shows (Star Search, Fame Revisited, This one and one other I've watched in the last year or two but can't remember the name of) for those who may get the audience on their feet in amazement with their tricks. That gives me the idea that these show director's don't equate ballet/jazz with the same degree they do other dance forms such as hip-hop because their bills won't be paid if they do.


The verdict is still out on this show, I hope some trained dancers (whether ballet training or not) will make it through but I'm off my soapbox now to continue the discussion of the show. (You asked though, so I answered)



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From several sources:


Nigel Lythgoe worked in the television industry since the 1970’s.


He began in England as a dancer with the BBC's Young Generation dance troupe.

He was also a choreographer.


He worked his way up to become the producer of entertainment and game shows.


He produced, “Dancing with the Stars,” "American Idol” and also "Pop Idol" the UK version of "American Idol."


He was one of the judges on Pop Stars.

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Mel Johnson

Oh, and he studied where? And with whom? And his credentials to criticize ballet are what?


Sorry, Nigel old boy, but what goes around comes around.


(This is not as serious as it sounds; I'm pointing out that Nigel is the "nasty judge" like Simon on "American Idol". But, that said, he doesn't have Simon's "chops", or credentials, to fill that role. In short, he ain't that good to be that bad.)

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:blink: Mel, I love your assessment of Lythgoe.


I'm afraid there's no way that ballet will win in this competition. It's a dance form that really does take an educated public in order to be respected. And therein lies my pet peeve. We ought to be educating our children in school to understand and respect ALL the fine arts, not just the painters and sculptors. From my experience in various private schools (who have the money to educate about fine arts), with the exception of one -the one I've stuck with :D - dance is not even thought of when it comes to a fine arts. Kids learn about Rembrandt, Matisse, Van Gogh, Raphael, etc., and they learn about Michelangelo and Rodin, but they don't learn anything about ballet history. That's got to change! :angry:


Unless it does change, especially within public school classrooms, the ballet world will always be left out when it comes to determining champions in a mixed dance venue.


I haven't seen this particular TV show's dancing yet, but I want to speak up in favor of break dancing. I think these dancers are enormously talented and many of them are self-taught. I often regret that they didn't have the money or even the knowledge of the possibilities within ballet. I've known a couple of break-dancers who did, luckily, discover ballet in their late teens, early 20's, and what a gift to the ballet world if they've continued on. The two fellows I know came into their first ballet lessons with great balance and control, flexibility, AND charisma. They really embraced the work ethic of ballet because in order to do break-dancing, they had to have a strong work ethic as well. It takes lots of time to build the flexibility, balance and control of their dance form.


And then there's hip-hop about which I share MO3D's views.

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vagansmom and Mo3Ds - thanks for confirming my suspicion about hip hop/pop/whatever-they're-called-now dancing. It seems like everyone can do it, or if not everyone, at least it seems easier to pull off than ballet.


I choreographed some folk dancing before and had to teach it to a bunch of non-dancers and some more pop-ish dancers. And while folk dancing isn't as technically demanding and precise as ballet, it requires similar degrees of grace and delicacy (delicateness? delicacy sounds like food). And it's amazing how many people can't do that, even when I thought I was demostrating some very basic steps. I don't want to sound critical, but I've simply noticed that people tend to fare much better at foot-stomping, butt-shaking attitude dancing rather than fluid, lyrical (I realize we're getting to a touchy word) dancing.


Shame I have to miss much of the show, ironically because of ballet.

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