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The tapping - holy moly! Absolutely loved loved loved the tap numbers tonight! - well, last night!

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I agree Lady Elle. DS had recorded the show on DVR and I watched the Zach and Aaron piece three times. Not only did I enjoy it as a story but I loved the use of the foot as an instrument rather than a speed contest.

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While I know most of us aren't watching much anymore, I did get to see last night and there were several ballet dancers going to Vegas including Jim Nowakowski (Houston Ballet). He was simply exquisite. Going forward and now that I have posted the thread for your armchair commentary, please read and adhere to the following guidelines before posting:


This thread is for our "armchair social commentary" on this Season's show. "Armchair social commentary" can be defined as a Dance version of what a football fanatic does from the living room sofa when their favorite team is playing.You jump and cheer, You coach and could do it better, You critique, You praise and You criticize...... but it's all in fun even when your commentary is not a glowing report. It is our version of the College Football Bowl Season but in a much calmer fashion. Enjoy! Part of being an "armchair social commentator" is that You actually sit in the armchair and occasionally watch the show. If you detest the show, don't watch at all, don't watch it anymore or find no use for the show at all then this is not the thread to partake in.



Again, please make note of the purpose and guidelines for participation in the thread prior to posting.

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Team Avo!!!!!! But Jim is quite exquisite as well!!!

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Oh, we loved both ballet boys yesterday!

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I know the girl Jaycee that was in the car accident. She is not a Ballet dancer, but she is a fighter and as sweet as she is strong.

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Interestingly, just as the show was starting DD and I were commenting that we wished we could see "another Alex Wong" on the show. And then, voila, Nigel compares Jim to Alex. We loved watching both ballet boys and look forward to seeing more of both of them. (And that final ballroom dancer was pretty good, too!)

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Marseas Mom

I stopped watching because I was bored the past few seasons. The first show of this season didn't appeal to me, so thank you for this thread and commentary. I will watch and see what I missed...

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I think each year I say I'm not going to watch, and then as the dancers become more familiar to me, I get more invested.


I loved Jim...and immediately went to twitter and instagram to cyber stalk him. There are several videos out there of him, showing off with Derrick Dunn. So I have actually watched him a lot with out knowing I was watching him. But my daughter knows who he is. She was upset that this might mean he is leaving Houston.


Jim was technically so far beyond anything we usually see on SYTYCD, and he was so amazingly strong...its a wonder any male dancer would have the nerve to audition after seeing him. It was like he was super human. I know lots of male dancers are probably that strong. But we don't get to see them in the pre pro where my daughter dances, and we don't usually see them on SYTYCD either.

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ballet valet

The show also highlighted Myles Lavallee from Ballet Arizona as a ballet dancer moving onto Las Vegas. He has a big competition background also so he should do very well with the contemporary choreography.


Small rant, the blonde with a red lace top was pretty but nothing of a dancer.

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Missed JN on the show, so watched the video just now. Wow. :clapping:


I had been very discouraged about the show this season - too many contestants doing more "posing" than actually dancing in my point of view.

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I quit watching a long time ago, but had it on Monday night. I LOVED the Houston Ballet guy and dd has been to SAB with Myles and he has been in her former school's Nutcracker with her. I'm also friends with his mom. May have to watch this year after all. It's always more fun when someone from your city, and you actually know them, is on. It gets me much more invested. BTW, Myles isn't with Ballet AZ anymore.

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I had lost interest with the "street" vs "stage" thing, but read this thread and decided to watch: I was very impressed with Avo and Jim! They are obviously both great, but I have to say there is something just fabulous and striking to me about the way Avo dances. He is my favorite!!

Sadly, I have no female favorites (but I have not been watching most of the audition shows). Does anyone know if there are any (good) ballet women this year?

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I have yet to catch more than a few moments. Just as the whole genre label thing has always been a bit of a joke, the street vs stage things is as well. Plenty of the "street" dancers put through came up through the dance competition circuit and are well rounded dancers. Of course, the secret to success on SYTYCD is to have a good story and be a well rounded dancer who excels at contemporary. :) Yes, we have the formula down. LOL


Excited to see the ballet dancers!

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So glad someone mentioned Myles - I rewatched that part three or four times trying to convince myself that it was him, but I still wasn't sure.

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