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From Entertainment weekly: A Choreographer's Dream

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It's Myles. His mom posted quite a few times on FB about him.

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Victoria Leigh

I am not loving the 'stage vs. street' thing at all. Way too much street for me. But, I will watch as long as Avo and Jim are there. They were both really fine, but I will have to go with 'team Jim' if I had to make a choice. :)

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ballet valet

Team Myles here! Wait till you see him dance:-)

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I am underwhelmed by "stage versus street" and feel like it was one audition show too many for my taste. I won't get excited about anyone until the top 20 is announced.

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A lot of the "Street" dancers, just seem like really good club dancers.

And the bar is really low, they seem to take anyone with a good smile.

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I'm underwhelmed by the the dancers they've shown. They mostly look like any of the senior level competition dancers that are all over the country. And the stage vs. street...to me it's like "traditional techniques" vs. "hip hop styles" I bet a vast majority of the dancers actually in the top 20 will be well rounded competition studio dancers. Otherwise the choregraphy will suffer. (Not that it's not gotten repetitive with a lot of the contemporary as it is!)


Stage all the way! They better keep those ballet dancers!

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I think you are 100% correct, 5678StarMom. I do know a dancer who made it through to Vegas on the so called "street" team. Her audition was not shown, but she was in a clip of a Vegas sneak peek. She grew up as a competition dancer, dancing many genres, and then moved to a more commercial studio near the end of high school and has remained with that studio in between professional gigs. I even have photos of her dancing en pointe not very long ago (maybe 3 years ago) at a local intensive! Yet, she is a street dancer on this show. :)

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On the first show, they explained that they will chose 10 stage and 10 street dancers. One of each will be eliminated each week until two stage and two street dancers will compete in the final.

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I am so tired of this show. It has become some formulaic. Even the stage/street thing is not breaking that.


So the formula for auditions is:


1. A parent dancing onstage

2. a baby dancing on stage

3. Various weirdos and freaks doing very strange stuff.

4. Someone who has had a recent loss

5. Someone from a tough urban/inner city environment

6. Someone with a physical challenge

7. Paula saying that people have "gifts". . . likely to be cut in Vegas

8. A stream of blond contemporary dancers in two pieces with mediocre technique but great extensions

9. a handful of truly talented people

10. An occasional "ballet" dancer. . sometimes these people are REALLY trained ballet dancers.


So predictions for Vegas:


1. Sonya Tayeh yelling at everyone to dig deep.

2. A bunch of unskilled guys lifting and dropping a bunch of girls.

3. A bunch of total mismatched partnerings.

4. Insane hours, including the injury-producing "make-up-a-dance-through-the-night."

5. The arrival of an ambulance when someone busts on their head at 4 am.

6. Some intense crying

7. Flooring, hours, and conditions that would NEVER be permitted in any union job.

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Marseas Mom

Learningdance, I giggled at your list! For me, I actually find myself enjoying the "street" dancers because these are styles not familiar to me and I find them interesting to watch. DD#1 's close friend made it to Vegas a few years ago and came back with the true story of what really goes on when making that show. It is a TV show after all, and decisions are made that lead to increasing the ratings ( very UNreal). She made it to the top 30 but never auditioned again.


DD#2 knows two dancers that made it to Vegas this year. One is a "stage" dancer that they didn't profile or show during the rehearsals in the local city and one that was basically ridiculed on national TV and then assigned to the "street" team (but has been rigorously trained in all dance styles). So much for "reality" TV.


I will watch this coming week to see what happened to the two dancers we know, as they sign very specific contracts that prohibits them from discussing how they did on the show or letting people know they made the top 20.

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For those who watched tonight... Denys, the ballroom dancer featured a couple of times, won the third season of SYTYCD Canada. His primary dance style is ballroom, but he's also a Juilliard grad and there used to be a photo of him learning anatomy on the National Ballet School website (though I don't think he ever studied there full-time in the professional program -- maybe a summer or as an Associate?).

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It was good to see more of Myles dancing today. I have to admit, the girls on the street side are far better than the boys (as a whole).


Learningdance - great list!

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