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Thank you for that trivia. I was wondering about that last night - thought it might have been him! I don't think that was mentioned in the package they did about him and his partner. If it was, I missed it!

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Very funny learningdance!!!!!!

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We know a male street dancer who is still in the running, but he has not been featured at all. We caught sight of him in the background a few times last night. He is a true street dancer who got some choreography coaching in the past few years, and has had a few professional jobs. They have featured a couple of other dancers who dance his particular style, but not him. I personally think he does it much better than the ones they have featured. Even my 9 year old has gotten cynical. She said they probably haven't featured him because he doesn't have a dead parent or car accident in his background, lol.

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ballet valet

I have been recording the series. I can't watch the show at it's normal pace especially the LONG stories about some odd ball who is taking air time and a ticket to Vegas away from an actual dancer. Fast forwarding is the best!

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I lasted 10 minutes last night. I don't have the patience. Maybe I started watching later in the season last year. Not a fan of the street/stage format. I didn't care for Mary ever, but the judges aren't doing it for me either. I am a picky viewer. :ermm: I share the dislike for the drama back stories. It's the reason I stopped watching the Olympics.

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I am actually liking this year. I like the street versus stage. I record the episodes and in years past would blee bloop thru the judges comments, but this year I am listening to their comments more often. I think Paula is a great addition to the panel. My favorite female dancer is the ballroom girl, who did great in contemporary.

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The ballroom couple is very interesting. Dennis has won SYTYCD Canada a few years ago and a Juilliard graduate. Antonina is also very well versed in many styles, not just in ballroom. They are great to watch.

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As so many of you are speaking of Denys, I'm very disappointed that he left the show just because his girlfriend/parter was cut, especially after they offered him a spot. He seemed to be a solid dancer and should've known that the chances of both of them getting on the show were slim. I think it gave him a bad reputation.

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gabby's mom

We enjoy SYTYCD at our house but we don't have cable. This year HULU is making the shows available with a long delay after air date, so we've only seen the first episode. When someone we know auditioned and made it through to Las Vegas (but no further) I started poking around. The audition contract is online for anyone to see, and its kind of an eye-opener. Basically, you agree to let them say anything about you and edit footage in any way they wish to portray your "character" on the show and in other media. You agree not to hold them responsible for any damage related to the way you are portrayed and what information they publicize about you, even if it is knowingly false. Since I haven't seen the episode where Denys decides to leave, I can't speak to that particularly, but it is interesting to know what the dancers agree to from the start of the audition process. "Reality" means something different when applied to "Reality TV."

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Thanks for sharing this information. It confirms my hunches about the "drama quotient" they employ to connect the dance segments I really want to see. I am more interested in the show now that the cuts have been made.

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I could never get into this show, but this year I really enjoy it, because of the stage VS street thing. The two types of dancers are just so disparate it always seemed like it ended up a let down- I'm glad they separated them.I grew frustrated seeing hip hop dancers with presence and a million different styles (breaking, animation, etc) get cut in ballroom, and watching beautifully trained ballet dancers who could also do jazz, and contemporary flail around trying to crump. Violin and tuba are both musical instruments, but being good at one is not going to help you with the other, you know?


I actually think the street dancers are stronger, save a few really talented folks the stage side seems like a lot of regular, roll on the floor competition style dance. I haven't seen this weeks episode yet, perhaps that isn't so now, but through auditions I thought so. The street dancers seem overall more talented, while the stage dancers were for the most part kind of "eh". Many good dancers, but stand outs were few. The ballet boys were standouts!


The backstories mostly bore me, just dance already.

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I thought that review was good.


I watched it in dribs and drabs and was kind of underwhelmed. The piece by Wall for Edson and Kate was very inventive and HARD. I was impressed that they handled all those super intricate lifts. I don't find her to really be that technical and I thought that critiques about their lack of emotion and connection did not come from the performance that we saw. To me that was a behind-the-scenes critique that Wall lobbed at them via the judges. Frankly, the confused emotion was a flaw of Wall's choreography. I doubt he could really tell you what the point of the dance was ("A conflicted relationship"--how very competition-dance contemporary.) Shame on him and the judges for not calling that issue out fairly and dumping it on the dancers.


I liked the Warren Carlyle piece but I thought it was not well danced, not crisp, just not even close to professional looking. Throughout that piece I kept imagining how sharp that would have looked with professional dancers. Broadway dancers really punctuate their dancing and do these little "freezes" where they hold poses for almost a fraction to give the audience time to read it. These dancers just couldn't do that. IMO none (perhaps Jim) would have made the cut in a Broadway audition.


Nigel's observation of contemporary dance is a long time coming. Unfortunately, that problem is being fed by the hype piled upon kids in high stakes dance competitions. And it is being further fed by shows like SYTYCD that pipe-line those kids right into TV. You aren't going to make it unless you blow the judges away with tricks.


The "winning" solos for these high-stakes dance competitions are simply a bunch of tricks connected together. No wonder people don't know how to show emotion, deliver artistry, or pick up on style. They have been trained to refine their own set of eye-popping tricks.

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I wonder if they will get to a point in this year's reincarnation where the street dancers will have to perform stage and the reverse. Some of these so called street dancers have just as much training as the contemporary dancers. The one I know personally could have just as easily been labelled as a stage dancer. Her versatility would have done her quite well in previous seasons. She has, however, gotten far less air time than other competitors so I fear she won't be around long enough to see her versatility.

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