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MelissaGA - Yes, I do believe they said something about the reversal perhaps this next week? But there will be one stage dancer and one street dancer eliminated each time. I think you're on to something though. As time goes on, we will probably see a bunch of dancers who have cross-trained.

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Finally finished watching. I'm really surprised, but I really agreed with Jason's critiques for almost all of the dances! Loved the Fosse number. Nice to see that in there.

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ballet valet

To Melissa G's point about many of the street dancers being cross trained, I wish street actually meant trained on the street. Of course, that is irrelevant since those dancers are not hirable except as a solo novelty act because they are not versatile or trained to pick up choreography. I agree with previous posts about Travis' choreography being very competition style and lots of tricks. Our house was laughing last year when he had aspirations to choreograph ballets. And just to be petty, could he learn how to pronounce choreography correctly, it's not spelled chrography! :whistling:

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I really wonder what might have happened had Travis gone to a solid college program (i.e., Julliard, NYU) and had a bit of time to "incubate" for a period. You certainly don't need that to choreograph but I just wonder what might have occurred. I read an interview with Andy Blankenbuhler and he said that was his one regret.


I just think that while there is just a natural skill in choreographing, there are also principles and information that can be taught. I just wonder if he might not have a broader choreographic 'vocabulary' had he moved into a more concert-dance setting. It might have given him more creative space.

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Travis can still go to a program if he wants...


We've finally caught up. Can never watch as it airs because it's so long, the ads are crazy…. There are a few standout dancers for me (Jim, of course -- I really like JaJa too…). I'm not sure why they switched to stage vs street (I don't think they told us?) and… of COURSE Travis and Twitch are the captains. (Hey, how about a woman in there?). We don't miss Mary at all.


I watch with a grain of salt and enjoy it knowing that we miss a lot of the true training histories of the dancers (Gaby clearly is not "just" a tapper)… and hating the audition rounds because we see very little of the dancing. So I'm glad we're on to the choreography/stage performance rounds….


That said, for a while this show puts me on edge sometimes, and I think I finally figured it out:


1) It promotes some of the infantilization of dancers that we've supposedly tried to move away from -- especially during Vegas week. I understand stamina, etc., is important, but some of the crazy schedules in Vegas week seem… unnecessary.


2) There's a very weird gender dynamic - and it includes everything from costuming to how the women are talked to the images of Jason or Nigel watching as the women dance… Please, unless you know me really well, don't call me "sweetheart" or "baby"…. If you are from the South I'll let "honey" slide, the Brits can use "love"… but… You know? I can't quite articulate what I see/feel, but the gender component seems to be there for me….

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OK- last night's show was a BUST. While we have discussed that many of the street dancers are actually trained, last night seemed to show that they are not trained very much. As soon as they put the street dancers with the stage dancers, I thought it was a mess. The street dancers could not partner, they don't have experience. It seemed like the stage dancers didn't have a lot of trust. And when they danced side by side, the posture of the street dancers (head alignment, back, shoulders) was so distracting.


Tonight's show is a 10th anniversary celebration, with many dancers from the show's past appearing. I hope it will be a good show!

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I liked some parts of last night -- I liked the hiphop for Jim and JaJa, the trio contemporary was fine (with Alexis, and I think Megz… and? can't remember who the boy was?), and the seesaw piece was inventive.


I'm tired of Travis' choreography already… lots of reaching… and flailing, and reaching, and...


I thought some of the choreography last night was mediocre, if not watered down to make easy, and they are calling out the dancers for things that were choreographer's decisions…. which bothered me. I thought Megz needed to be called out for not pointing her feet enough too…. And the costuming. Oh, the costuming…. Ugh.


Mainly, though, I'm a bit tired of the two b-boys, especially Asaf. The tricks are cool and all, but Asaf's constant naval gazing is driving me bonkers.



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Jim and Jaja's was pretty much the only one I liked, but I was so disinterested by the whole thing by that time in the show I had almost given up.


I agree that some of the choreography appears diluted so as to not overwhelm some of the dancers - but then last night the stronger ones were sometimes criticized for not doing more, when at least in my opinion, they were doing the material they were given.

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Loved Jim and JaJa. I think they both will go far. I believe it's time for some new choreographers to shake things up a bit. It's getting to the point where you can't even distinguish one choreographer from another.

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I'm tired of Travis' choreography already… lots of reaching… and flailing, and reaching, and...

Yes, thus my comment about creative space and learning. He's been so hyped by commercial dance industry and he really is talented but to build a career that will last a life time, and realize his full potential he needs to feed and develop his talent and learn. He is always under pressure to produce.

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I am finding this summer really flat in general. I am just not super excited about most of the dancers. I don't know if it's me, the new format, or the show just having had its day already. I am hard to please, I guess!

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Pinkytoes - I have this same feeling exactly. Some of the dancers are really wonderful - to name just a few, Jim, Jaja, Yorelis and another street dancer whose name i don't remember -- Virgil i think? I was quite sorry to see Darion go - i thought that was rather unfair...

But I am constantly annoyed by: The costumes - i have many issues w/ them! The lighting - can't see much of the time when i want to -- overpowering w/ glare at other times........such a shame!

I remember earlier seasons w/ nostalgia when i couldn't wait to tune in, week to week. Why do I watch? Curious for now i suppose.

On SYT there is not music that draws me in. Why not sometimes a good Broadway tune (to a Broadway routine), an American Standard, some classical. When i can't relate to the music my ability to relate to the dance and dancers is compromised, too. Some must love the current music they use but i can't make heads or tails of it and it just adds to the jumble the rest of it is for me now, also.

They've lost some of the purity and essence of the genres........the "salsa" routine looked like some kind of dark, what they call "jazz", type thing - not really salsa at all, to me. Do they do any classic Broadway anymore? Not that i see. It's too bad even traditional ballroom styles are no where to be seen - they used to be a big focus and I miss them.

I don't like to be so negative and there must be some things that keep me tuning in so far but even if it is hip hop, why not throw in a hip hop classic every so often or something for traditional viewers? I guess that is not their focus now.

Nappy Tabs deliver always however, and they are wonderful. Again, a season of ups and downs, for me I'd say........ I didn't mean to say this much. I've been deferring any comments but stewing over it so well, it doesn't help, but yes i am disappointed, as some others may be feeling, perhaps.

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I haven't been enjoying it either, too much street for me, though I like Jaja, and I feel like many of the street dancers have obviously had training, yet they're going to get votes simply because the judges always go "wow, that was unexpected, it was as if you had training!". I agree, that salsa was not salsa, it was just strange. I wish they would have guest judges as I find myself skipping over the predictable commentary as well. I miss the old seasons! Even though I was little and it was past my bed time, my mom would tape it for me and I would watch it over and over again, no routines like that anymore :nixweiss:

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Todance --- I'm glad it's not just me... Very nice that your mom taped earlier seasons for you and you got to see them, some wonderful dance pieces and moments in the show back then.

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I also loved JaJa and Jim, I totally got lost in their dance, but I also love that song. My children are surprised that JaJa is my favorite, even from the beginning. She is a performer, along with being a fun dancer to watch. I am still enjoying the show and the group numbers were outstanding. The whole street vs stage gimmick-hmmmmm. Remember back in season 1 and 2, when the non trained dancers would actually stumble and look clumsy. You don't really see that anymore, and keep in mind that Yorelis was eliminated last year during the hip hop round in Vegas...and she said she then went back home and trained for a year in only hip hop. So I think 'some' of the street dancers have more training than they talk about on camera. I like for my kids to see these types of stories and see the determination it takes to get what you want. We do fast forward through a some of the judges comments. Nigel did get emotional on the show describing how he has wanted for years to have a stage vs street theme. The 10 year anniversary/birthday show was not that great. It pretty much was a hyped up promo for Ryan Seacrest and his new knockknock live show. I thought they would have had more flashbacks and 'where are they now' type stories, but that was not the case.

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