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Does anyone know how I can watch episodes outside the US? Does the current season get exposure on youtube?

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Hamorah - I don't know if this link (above) will work where you are located? i had missed the first several audition episodes and caught up at this Fox website. You might try this and see? it does say they have 'full episodes'. I don't know about the 'signing in' and so on, but in case it may work for you, that's seems the best way to see the current season, if it works outside the US --


If it is not allowed, etc to post this link please delete, but thought i'd see if this might work for Hamorah -

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Like others, I like Jim and JaJa. They are the reason I continue to watch. Darion has had a few slipups by no fault of his own. I"m hoping he survives a little longer.

In terms of Travis, I don't see him slowing down anytime soon. I equate him to a young Debbie Allen. People then thought she would not have a long career because she was so stylized, but she moved quite well from one thing to another going from choreography to producing to acting, etc. But even if he doesn't, having a net worth at 27 of over $500,000 as a dancer/choreographer is not necessarily life sustaining, but compare that to other ballet dancers/choreographers in a 9 year span and even if he stops getting jobs tomorrow, he can say he had a great run at a dance/choreography career.

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My dd gave up on the show long ago - hasn't really watched at all this season. I keep tuning in, but find this season has been harder to watch and after last night I am just about ready to throw in the towel myself.


I was not a fan of the choreography last night in general but there were a couple of pieces I enjoyed. I think my favourite was the little broadway piece that Virgil and Gaby danced. I thought Jim and Ariana were able to show their strength's with the piece about depression - but then Nigel's comments at the end completely ruined the piece for me. Something on the order of "Jim, I don't know if you've suffered from depression, but with all the surgeries you've had you must have.... BUT you sure didn't show it tonight!" I think that was supposed to be a compliment?


There were two pieces last night which dealt with issues of mental illness. The first one (complete with straightjackets and padded walls) felt both disingenuous and disrespectful to me. The judges loved it. The second one was the depression piece which was ruined for me with an insensitive judge comment. Overall I was quite disappointed in the show's treatment of these issues.


Poor Asaf was finally cut last night, but sadly had to suffer some pretty brutal choreography. WHAT on earth was that?


I think the fellow who jumped ship at the last moment (Denys was it?) might have had the right idea for this season...

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Glad I was not alone in being annoyed with Nigel's comments after Jim and Ariana danced. I wasn't quite sure what he was trying to say to Jim with that comment! Was also a bit annoyed with the speech about Ariana not connecting with the audience. Could that be because she had almost zero air time before the top 20? She had no back story broadcast for America to fall in love her? I admit I am particularly annoyed because I have had the pleasure of watching her dance for years in various genres. I think it was Nigel that specifically commented on certain Team Street dancers handling themselves well in the non-hip hop pieces. I think they forget that she is actually on Team Street.


I was called away during the jazz piece performed by Virgil and Gabby. I walked back in just as it ended and hoped it was as strong as the last few seconds. Hoping to find it online today.

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My DS as well as my non dancer daughter were watching last night with me. I have not been impressed with the judges' comments or the treatment of women. I never thought I would say that I miss Mary. I do. The DS comments about choreography were on par with the others, "eh". The non dancer was perceptive-"the choreographer has give them choreography that allows their stage and street skills to meet in the middle." Her comments gave me a better perspective. I just think the show has fallen several notches this season. We'll see what they do with it.

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I'm a few shows behind -- I just watched the top 18 perform last night… for the most part, the choreography was tepid I think, and I find it difficult when the dancers are criticized for something that is the fault of the choreography…. I did like both hip hop pieces though, especially the robot. I try to watch with my non-dance husband (he only watches the dance, and then he reads about golf (usually) during the "packages" and judge commentary… and he was very vocal about the choreography and what he liked!


However: I. Just. Do. Not. Understand. Why. They. Saved. Asaf. (Besides the rating story and the loads of screaming girl-fans.)


Leaper, I'm so glad someone else is getting the weird gender dynamics -- weird in how the "girls" are talked to, how story lines are shaped within choreography, even how Travis relates to them (ew!!!!). Also, what exactly is the purpose of Travis and Twitch as "captains"?

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OKay - synopsis according to Lady Elle:


Opening number - choreography upstaged hugely by costuming. Not so great.

Yorelis & Jim number - Sonia T.'s choreography, fantastic

Hailee & Virgil number - Tice choreography, fantastic

Gabby & Neptune - Stacey Tucci (Tuki?) choreography, loved (love love love her - tapper! Yay!)

Closing Stage number - Sonia T's choreo... Loved that too!


It was a good night (finally). And the dancers that left, were the dancers I thought should have left.

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Victoria Leigh

Saving Neptune and Derek was what I strongly felt would be right, and much to my huge surprise, they got it right.

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Dear America,


1. Glad you are watching more dance on TV. :flowers:


2. However, I think you got it "wrong" last night re the final 4. :angry2::helpsmilie:


Dear Nigel,


Not a fan of Street vs. Stage. Were you looking to cast another StreetDance movie? :shrug:


Let's maybe re-think a few things before next season, assuming there is one.



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I'm afraid I lost interest again in SYTYCD so I missed this week .Who are the final 4?

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learningdance - everyone is of course entitled to his/her own opinion.


I did not think that Jim should be cut. I do agree that Jaja is a good choice for the final 4.

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Virgil is worthy. His hunger for training and his resilient personality made me a fan. I am so hopeful they do not repeat stage v. street again. It was like watching the Downton Abbey landowners try to navigate the life of one of their servants and expect them to know how to live "above stairs".

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