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I lost interest after Danny Tidwell was cut several years ago. Watched on occasion the last few years, but tuned in regularly to watch Jim this year. They've lost me again though.. Disappointed to see Jim go...

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momof2. . didn't know that he was cut. .. .clearly I lost interest. . . . .Duh. I disagree with him getting cut, if that's what happened. ..

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I think what happened with Jim is that "America" assumed he would be in the final so they voted to keep their second favorite - between Gabby and Hailey - in. I definitely think Jim should have gone through. I would have a hard time deciding between Gabby and Hailey though. I thought they got it right on the street side. I'm indifferent about the street vs. stage thing. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.

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I think I also agree with the choice, learningtodance. Although I would have liked to personally watch more of Jim, it would have been a toss up between Jim and Hailey for me.


I thought the performances this week were fantastic. Jaja's dance with Alex... Ah!! I love her - and her solo? Excellent. And Gaby is superb. There has never been one who taps to her level AND can do the other genres as she has.


Street vs Stage hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would.

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Well I don't know that Haille (sp?) would have been my choice for top 10 even, to be honest. I didn't care for her solo last night at all, which is in part why I had such a reaction I think.

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Disappointed about Jim too. I preferred him to Hailee. I agreed with the street choice although I have not been a fan of the format. DS on the other hand is loving all the additional focus on street dancing.

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I have a friend who dances with Hailee. I'm excited to see how the final episode plays out for her.

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I finally watched the finale. I was a little surprised but liked each of the final 4. The only concerning comment from Nigel was that he sounded like he was considering presenting a SYTYCD for kids. ACK! There is nothing good about this that hasn't already been shown on Dance Moms. As Francisco Gella has recently said "We should be raising dancers, not celebrities. Those that deserve it because of their exceptional accomplishments and honed talent over time, will become well-known if it is meant to be."

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I was very very pleased with the final two and with the fact that the tapper took it!! that has never happened and she was a very versatile dancer and a fantastic tapper!! (My ballerina dd is also a tapper - I personally feel that because of her tapping, she has very good rythm and musicality)

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My DD is 18, and would try out if they had auditions in our area, and now they are going to do a SYTYCD kids? There is a fame level now with the competition kids, maybe it started with dance moms. But I see "Cookie Famous" from a photographer that photographs young competition dancers. I see "Capezio Kids" on instagram. Perhaps the fame is now coming from social media. I don't think a kids show is a good idea, well, I don't think it would be good for the kids. I think it would be hard for a child to handle the fame, and then being semi famous makes it very hard to walk into a class anywhere, because everyone would know you, and be watching you, and the pressure to be "on" would be immense.


I was not a fan of the Stage V Street. I think the choreography was simplified so that the street dancers could participate. I can't think of one memorable routine from the whole season.

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