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My daughter took Humanities in her former public school (excellent academics - top scores in the state). They did an entire unit on ballet. It was in their textbook (pretty good history, going up through Balanchine; an explanation of the positions was also included, as I recall), they were tested on it and my daughter did a paper on it as well.


I agree with your point, Vagansmom, but just wanted you to know that it is in the curriculum for some schools and it is also covered in some textbooks! We came from a state that is not known for its commitment to the arts of any sort, so this was a very pleasant surprise for my daughter and for me! :(

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One of my friends has been on the audition circuit a bit this year and it was funny to hear her say that there were a few on the show who are "regulars" at auditions in the Chicago area. (She goes to school in Illinois.) In particular I guess there was one middle-aged man who is always at the Hubbard Street calls and a few other she recognized. I guess the dance world really is a small world after all!

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Yay, balletbooster, thank goodness they do THAT much! :thumbsup::P Many schools don't.

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I caught the show tonight. They had a large emphasis on tricks but picked up a few people because of performance. Like we expected, ballet will not play a large part of this competition.

Two girls danced on pointe. One a "classical ballerina" danced well, and mostly over her shoes, but in a black very lyrical dress and black pointe shoes. She made it through to the next round.


The other girl started with the camera close on her point shoes, ribbons through a tiny loop in the back!!!! Her dance was painful to watch and not at all ballet. She seemed very uncomfortable on pointe, although had a pretty arch. She was wearing jazz pants and a weird halter top, which made me wonder where she thought ballet would come in? The judges quickly let her go.

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Also watched the show tonight. There were a couple of former regulars on the competition circuit with talent. I would think Nick Lazarinni will be hard to beat.

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I believe we saw some examples of "good lyrical" tonight! I know many of you do not believe such a thing exists! :shrug: There was at least one young man and one young woman (friends who had come from a small town to pursue a career in dance), who seemed to have super jazz technique as well as perform with natural fluidity and be very expressive. They did "tricks" but they did not take away from the overall performance. The judges tonight did indicate that a well-trained classical dancer will be able to excel in other dance forms.

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dancindaughters- I thought the young man who was asked to change his pants was just wonderful! His friend, seems like she too is an incredible dancer did seem to favor the tricks to the connecting steps. The boy in one shoe (weird...) was also great.


There is good lyrical out there, but I think it might just be slow jazz.


There was also a very bad lyrical towards the beginning- eek- it made me want to rewatch high school drill team to make sure I didn't look like that.

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So where were all the belly dancers, only in New York and Chicago? Was It just me or did a different type of dancer audition on the west coast? I think I saw more "classical" training influemces in the dancers last night. The 2 friends from outside San Francisco had lovely legs and feet but for personality I liked the larger gentleman in the striped polo, he'll be fun to watch in the next round. From the previews it looks like next week will be a tough one on the dancers! :wink: tutumonkey

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tutumonkey- I think my favorite part was watching the street dancers (from the freak show crew) try to pick up choreography. And they had to dance with the 3 guys who really were incredible. You could tell they were trying very hard and definetly had rhythm, but no hope of going on to the next round.


No belly dancing, but LA did have the one guy do Flamenco and a few acrobats- including a guy who danced on stilts.


The larger gentleman in the polo wasn't bad. I wonder how he will do in the next rounds. It does appear the next week is an intensive experience. The people without real training are going to have it tough.


Thanks ballet talk for getting me addicted. Before this thread popped up I dismissed the show as another annoying reality show. It doesn't seem so bad. Especially since the judges weren't criticizing people harshly just to humilate them.

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The two dancer friends are from my part of town. I believe they used to dance, or maybe still do, with a studio in Mt. View called TDC (Teen Dance Company) They performed at dd's old studio during National Dance Week or something like that. Good solid dancers.

You could almost tell who would make it to the final rounds. The trained dancers with experience will likely make it through to the finals. From what I have seen so far, the street dancers or self taught have a difficult time learning choreography and learning it quickly.

It doesn't look to me like they will find some unknown and make them a star. Most of the trained dancers have been on the audition circuit or are already working professionally. This is just a bigger break for them.

There were some painful dances to watch. The poor girl on pointe shoes made me cringe. DD said she couldn't watch. She thought she was going to hurt herself.

The guys were impressive. The girls, not so much. There were a few. I wonder if they split up the married/engaged couples to add some spice to the show or if they really felt the one wasn't good enough.

I did notice that there were not as many "Brittney Spears" type dancers. I thought for sure there would be quite of few since the dancers at this audition were mostly from the west coast. It was nice. Last week got to be redundent with all the gyrating.

Next week looks to be a bit more interesting. I am sure they will let a few dancers through who are longshots, just to make it more fun to watch.

I love watching the talented, well trained dancer.

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The guy with the one shoe and Ballerina Erin were just so great. I gave a standing ovation when Judge Bonnie Lythgoe said that dancers who are trained in ballet will be able to do any other form of dance easily. I agree!


I also cringed when that other girl on pointe tried to do pointework. I take it she is from a Dolly Dinkle academy.

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So many people have had negative comments regarding the show, and yes many of the dancers were obviously not classically trained, but the the casting directors were probably not scouting the local YAGP competition for contestants. You have to remember Fox's main concern is getting people to watch. With that said just because you attend Juilliard doesn't mean you should automatically be in.

The guy with one shoe is Nick Lazzarini and in my opinion was much stronger than the dancer from Juilliard. He is very well known here among the dance circuit in California and very much respected. I think he is a well rounded dancer/choreographer with exceptional technique. I don't think you get that from straight ballet training.

While I strongly believe ballet is the building block for all forms of dance, I see the dancers who have added jazz, lyrical, and or modern to their repertoire as better off. I was reading an interview with Tiler Peck (NYCB), and she credited much of

her turning success to her jazz training. She said that when she got to SAB, so many kids who had only studied ballet were afraid to turn, as I see in my daughters pointe class of many kids who don't train in jazz as well. Just an observation, it never hurts to be well rounded, and Nick definitely is. Being so good looking, cant hurt either. So kudos Nick, I hope you go all the way!!

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lexicon, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancer! So glad you found your way here and posted, too. :wink:


Although I only watched this program once - and only saw part of it then - I've read several newspaper articles about it. Your insights are appreciated, and I hope you'll become involved in other discussions on the board. B)


Oh yes - it would be great if you stopped in at The Welcome forum to introduce yourself. :thumbsup:

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The guy with the one shoe on explained prior to auditioning that he felt the floors were too slippery to dance with shoes. The one shoe was for his turns and the barefoot was to keep him from killing himself.

Smart kid. Better to be safe and look odd than take a bad tumble and end a promising career!

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