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So many people have had negative comments regarding the show

I am willing to retract my original negative comments. Based on the bits I saw of last week's show, I do think they will wind up with a final pool of contestants that can dance.


The previews for this week's show looked funny. It showed the LA panel of choreographers looking agast at the few street dancers who had slipped through, saying something about "being afraid they were going to hurt themselves." My impression was that the final group will be largely people who are trained and can dance.


My DD is enjoying this show!

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As the ever-quotable Yogi Berra once said, "You can observe a lot just by watching." I now know why Nigel Lythgoe occupies a prominent place among judges. He's the Executive Producer of the show. Thus, no matter how incompetent he is, TV shows follow the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

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Redstorm- I definetly agree the guy was smart. The girl in the pink pointe shoes complained about the slippery floors (although she used them as a reason she didn't get in... the pained pointework was probably the reason) but as smart as it is, still a little weird.


I imagine he didn't want to try the turns he did at the beginning without a shoe, but he did some pretty nice turns on his barefoot side as well. The guy is clearly a great dancer.


I'm really interested to see how this show turns out. It has potential if they focus on the dancing and not the whining I am seeing in the commericals.

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I realize this info is probably further back, but what day and time does this come on? Also, which network?

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The show airs every Wednesday at 8 PM on FOX. :innocent:

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Hmm... I happened upon this show last night while channel flipping. I had never seen it before. And I hope I never see it again... a rehearsal room full of weeping, emoting dancers?? Not my cup of tea.

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Last week I had my hopes that the show would really be great.

This week, I wasn't to impressed. Some of the dancers are clearly great, and hopefully this show will help them be seen by people who can get them jobs. It probably could happen in the realm of dance that they do. It didn't seem like they let anyone through for "comic relief" so everyone should have been good. But some of the people just didn't cut it, at all. I loved the two girls who faked injuries and then just forgot about it.


I was disappointed their were 2 hip hop rooms. I would have liked to see jazz as well. I also thought it a bit strange that they were calling the one room lyrical/modern. It seemed to me that it was a modern class, not lyrical. Maybe dislike of lyrical has just come from this board, perhaps it does not have the stigma in the general dance world that it does in the ballet world.


I am going to tape next week (classes start again and I would rather be at ballet than in front of the TV) but am eagerly awaiting what the judges say to the people who bad mouthed them to the camera. The dance world is not huge, and when you talk behind peoples backs, it will get back to them. This is one of the first shows where I have seen the "review the tapes" tactic, but I love it. The things reality show contestants say to cameras sometimes amaze me, and this time, the things they say will actually matter!

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I thought the lyrical room when they were all weaping was roll-on-the-floor funny. Where we supposed to think this is what dance is about? I couldn't figure out what was so emotional about the dance or the music or is Blake just soooo deep. I thought they should have kicked him and his little doggie out.


I also enjoyed the hygeine lesson at the start of the ballroom class. You have to figure it is only form experience that she knows some people need to be told to brush their teach and wash their hands.


Over all I was very underwhelmed with the dancing in any room.

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I felt for Ashley, the Irish dancer. I guess it goes to show that you can be VERY good at one type of dance, but really can't even make it through one class of another type. But, she was smart in the fact that she removed herself. Very classy.


I really wish one of the rooms had been a ballet class!!! They ALL could have benefit from a ballet class. :(

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Yes, the 2 hip hop rooms were disappointing. It was also unnerving to not actually see the teacher teach a combination and then see dancers do it right afterwards, so we could really see how well they were or were not picking it up. When they showed the hip hop classes, the combinations that were being done, didn't look the same, even when two people were doing them at the same time! :P


I totally agree about the crying in the lyrical class. I was right there with the kid with the mohawk who said that the emotion of the moment went right over his head! :dry: Good for him for not doing a lock step with the others who were likely crying because it seemed the thing to do. I got no sense of what it was the lyrical teacher was actually teaching the class. Was there a combination or just 'expressing themselves'?


At least one ballet class would have been excellent! It would have told volumes! But, it does not appear that ballet is of great importance in this competition, except that it has likely helped those who can pick up choreography quickly and might help them know the names of some of the steps that are carry overs from ballet, perhaps in the ballroom class.


Wouldn't a jazz class have been nice? I'm wondering if they chose the classes they did because they didn't think that the majority of the dancers chosen would have the technique required to master either a jazz or ballet class? Self taught dancers would have much more trouble in those classes than they might in hip hop or lyrical. And, it seems that this competition is over run with self-made dancers! :(


The really crazy part was, that most of the ones they kept had not been featured in the show last night and so, I really have no idea how good of dancers they are. Seems that many who were eliminated, were the ones that the show showcased?!?! With it down to just 16, I do hope that next week we get to see them all dance and it would be nice to see them all do the same thing!


I must say I don't like this near as well as Dancing with the Stars! We were able to see the progression some of the contestants made with their training and they were all doing similar dances each week. Much more organized and fun to watch, in my opinion! :wub:

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I made my husband and son watch with me (they feel bad for me because DD is in Prague and I am a stress case). They have both done lots of theater and had an interesting take on things.


It was clear to them that the "drama" was what the editing was trying to show. The hard working dancers and the process of learning wouldn't make the entertainment cut. They also both thought that the lyrical/modern gal and the salsa guy were both shown to be pretty self centered. Dan, the hip hop guy seemed the most grounded to us and the injury ploy was the most entertaining part of the process.


We actually had a long talk after the show about how hard reality is in a performing world and how sad it is to have delusions about your own ability. They asked how it compared to YAGP and I wonder how many of the flawless performers at ballet competition would be able to quickly learn new choreography?


My son could not believe that Blake was so rude. He is 16 and he knows better than to "foul his own water" with an intemperate remark. What a fine line between conceit and confidence..hmmm


Still miss DD but it was entertaining. I do hope that there is more dancing and less drama next week.

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Just as an aside, rubiraven, NYIBC is one of the few (maybe only?) major ballet competitions that teaches the choreography upon which the dancers will be judged, to all the competititors, at the same time - just 2 weeks before the competition! I think this really makes a difference in what you see at a competition and does tend to level the playing field!

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I must say, I really like this show! ahaha It's very entertaining! I didn't expect there to be much ballet or any at all on this show. I can say that some of these dancers are really good and have probably had some ballet experience at some point. The majority though could use some more. Having sad that, I'm not sure I could dance like that! ahaha The Ballroom and Salsa and Modern, ok, but the hip-hop? Maybe if i trained at it for a while(seeing as I've never had a class). I really enjoyed watching it though. While it's fun to see the bad dancers, and the fakers, I do hope they shoe some of the better dancers like Nick and his friend(though they did show her in hip hop some). Oh and Blake you can dance, but I truly hope that was planned and your aren't as stupid as you seem to make a comment like that!

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This week was my first to see the show.

I found the "injuries" quite entertaining as well. I also felt bad for Ashley the Irish dancer. She really didn't seem to pick up on the hip-hop. And in the salsa class when they had to partner, she was mad at herself for being so tall. Which is unfair.

Blake's comment apparently will come back to haunt him in the next episode. I think bringing his dog was really immature.

I liked Alan, the big guy. The judges did too.

One thing I was confused was the lyrical. It was more self-expression modern than lyrical. And the blonde (I forget her name, the judges called her a Britney look alike, she was a hip-hop teacher) though that it was "really technical". I also didn't get the tears and the sobbing.

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