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My mom messed up with the taping, and we missed the last 30 minutes of the show. Did Ballerina Erin make it through to the top 24? I know one fo the erin's they said was in the bottom 2 or whatever, but I think that was the jazz one, I'm not sure though.

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A little off topic..But I heard that only 4,000 people auditioned! That doesn't seem like alot!

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I think Craig (the guy who danced on the mattress) is very good. He has nice clean lines but can also let loose in hip hop class. When I saw him, I said to my sis "he's probably good at ballet too". I just read his bio on FOX's website - his favorite female dancer is Sylvia Guillem... how interesting!

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I agree I think Craig is really good too. I've competited against him many times however I'm not quite sure of where his ballet technique stands I know he is excellent at lyrical and acro type dances. There is a dance competition that puts the videos of it's winners online and Craig's "mattress solo" that you referred to is on there in case anyone was interested.

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My daughter watched the show tonight for the first time and she said that Mia, the choreographer, and Nick, a contestant, were her teachers at Jump, which is a convention (www.breakthefloor.com/jump).

I also remember the name Karaty as being the founder/director of Jump. Perhaps a brother to the judge on the show?

My daughter is only 9, but she says she remembers them. If this is true, I bet Nick will make it far!!

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Nick's turns during his solo today (he was in the bottom 6, because of the couples round... his quick step wasn't to bad) were incredible!


Melody, who I think is a great dancer, had a very "tricks" only solo, which is sad, because all of her routines have been very good. But she likes to show off her extension- which she has done in every solo.


I am suprised what an emphasis the show is putting on ballroom, but it has been interesting to watch.


Nick is my favorite, but the partnering rounds are going to be tough on him.


(And the lyrical jazz tonight- oh my...)

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From the moment I heard of this show I knew the chances of any classical forms of dance being included in the show were slim to nill so I watched it with very low expectations. I was pleased to find that many of the dancers chosen by the judges appeared to have classical training. Although it makes me sick to my stomach to see an almost complete lack of ballet as the show is progressing, I understand why. To the general public ballet is often seen as elitist and pretentious, whearas hip-hop and break dancing is considered more as the "dance of the common man".

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This show has made me ask about enrollment in lyrical this fall. I just don't like the hip hop stuff, not my thing at all and my ballet school doesn't even teach it! The ballroom stuff is nice though, I find it quite interesting, just the lyrical stuff I really enjoyed.

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"...To the general public ballet is often seen as elitist and pretentious, whearas hip-hop and break dancing is considered more as the "dance of the common man". "


I'm not sure if ballet is seen as 'elitist.' I just think that the 'common man' has not spent the time in classical ballet training to be able to appreciate the difficulty of it. Also, most classically trained dancers cannot compete at the same level in ballet as they can in jazz because Ballet requires more years and training to be at the top.

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I watched last night and yes.....I voted. :wink: I seriously doubt they will get rid of Nick. He is too good. I am not at all impressed with Michele but for some reason, love Snow. There is something about her that catches my eye. I guess dd's teachers comments about "stage presence" comes into play here.

I agree about Melody. She is good but enough of the extensions already.

I was not at all impressed with Craig in his solo. Boring. I really liked Jamal (sp??) Maybe not so much this week, but last week he was fantastic. He has a great style about him. I did vote for him. I don't want to see him off the show. Craig could go and would probably do well in the business. He reminds me of some cookie cut out version of a soap actor. :D Maybe it's the teeth and he never wears a shirt.

I was impressed with Nicks turns. Did anyone count the piroettes?

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To understand why ballet is not a vital part of the show, all you have to do is watch what gets a round of applause from the audience and brings them to their feet. :wink:


Tricks, along with very dramatic arm movements, coupled with looks of angst seem to be the ticket to the audience's favor. :D:yawn::P

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I like Jamile—I think he has the most untapped potential. With more formal dance training, I think he could do almost anything.

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