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This is actually the 3rd season we are watching now big64.


My bad! :)


(But I still think it is too early to say we see "trends.")


I do hope that Lacey aside this show will have a positive influence on dance styles--maybe it can help to push the contemporary (which has been wonderful this season)!

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I like the final four but i just wish lacey wasnt still there... and i dont know if i want danny to win.


[moderator edited out non-first person observations]....soo i dont know if i would like to see him win. Even the judges said something about him being arrogant once...i cant remember which one...but to me, danny just has an air about him that says "im better than everyone else here"... like last week when cat deely told him he was safe, and he like jumped around or whatever, it looked like an act, to be honest with you. [moderator edited out hearsay/gossip and unsubstantiated rumor]

yeah he is amazzing and extremely talented, but he doesnt deserve it.


[Please remember, posters, these Finalists may be held up for public scrutiny and observation, but that does not give any of us license to gossip or repeat unsubstantiated rumors/stories. Thank you.]

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Well, Danny just performed his solo. Who else stood right up and applauded in their living rooms? Amazing.

Just do what you know, Danny! Just amazing.

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He was phenomenal! But HELP!!! What's his voting number????

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For those of you like me who had trouble figuring out the numbers: 1-888-836-7603

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You're my saviors - thank you! :lol:

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I finally have to weigh in on this discussion after watching tonight's show. When judges talk out of their ears the way they did tonight after the lindy hop, it challenges, for me, the entire credibility of the show.


My troupe has been doing the lindy hop since 1979, and I have been coached by a living legend -- more on that in a different post/thread. The reality is that the lindy hop performed tonight was extremely weak. Put aside the fact that it was laborious. When dancers perform the lindy hop well, they should be horizontal to the floor. It is not a dance for cowards. Dancers who perform it as vertically as they did tonight would be labeled "corn huskers" in days of old. The judges' kudos tonight were nonsensical.


With that said, I also think that after watching tonight, I can see three dancers in companies. Just off the top of my head, Neil could do MOMIX, Sabra would do well in Hubbard Street, and Danny anywhere he chooses. I'm just not sure where you place a dancer like Lacey.


Just my impressions. Curious about others' responses to tonight's show.

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Having trouble getting through... Hope that means lots of people are calling in and voting for DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Funny Face, we were posting at the same time.. I'm glad to hear that the Lindy Hop was weak. My dd and I thought it looked rather lack luster, and then the judges said it was wonderful???!!! :lol:

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:lol: OOOO Baby! I take it ALL Back! Danny should win! :bouncing: Burning up the air waves with my voting... How could he not win after that solo. :P:speechless:


Does anyone agree - Neil was off tonight? :blushing: I'm wondering if he was injured because he just seemed to hold a bit back.


If I could put them in order:






Fingers crossed for tomorrow...

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I agree with pattypirouette that Neil was not on his game tonight. I think Lacey's comments were telling when she said there were some injuries and illness. Then it seemed like she realized she sounded a little whiny and she tried to "lighten up" her complaints. Being an RN, I said several times through the show to DD that Neil Looks thinner and maybe he is not feeling well. Sounds like they push them very hard, I would imagine their bodies can only take so much!

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Funny Face, you and I have been thinking along the same lines. Because I'm so familiar with the company, I've been trying to figure out who I think would be a good match for MOMIX. My hesitation about Neil is that your musical timing must be spot-on or else you're risking danger to yourself and/or other dancers. :P His body type and gymnastics/dance background would come in handy though. :lol:


I actually see Sabra as fitting in with MOMIX too. She's a little firecracker with excellent musical timing. Many of their dancers are short-ish, so she'd fit right in.


I loved tonight's show. I thought it was by far the best SYTYCD has ever offered to their viewers.


Thanks, Funny Face, for your educated comments about the lindy hop. From my very amateur viewpoint, Neil's back and shoulders were so stiff that they ruined the whole dance for me. His shoulders have always been his Achilles heel (questionable musical timing sometimes is another), and tonight I thought his back was stiff as an ironing board.

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