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I did see a credit at the end for Jerome Robbins. I presumed it had to be for "West Side Story" snippets.


I, too, wondered why on earth they cut Nataly. Her rehearsal performance when Mia called her and Brandon out was fabulous. At the actual audition, when she had a less than crisp partner, there wasn't the same dynamic. The judges kept muttering amongst themselves, 'what happened to her'. I couldn't decide if Nataly was behind the music---or everyone else, but figured surely it was everyone else. With all their mutterings, I figured they were going to make 'her dance for her life'. So, I was shocked when they simply dismissed her with 'great disappointment'. Others that were given those second chances seemed to have less on the ball going into those second chances than did Nataly.


It appeared to me that it is quite a burden for a dancer to have been noticed early on by the judges as a 'favorite'. They seem to want/expect so much more from those particular kids than others. Seems a much better deal is to be a competent dancer that kinda skates under the radar until the Top 20 are named. Too much is expected of the early favorites.

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I found the show frustrating last night! I do not understand the Natalie cut, especially when compared with some of the other dancers they kept. The choreographer of the piece loved Natalie dancing her work. Doesn't make sense to me when the judges give multiple chances to some dancers and then turn around and cut a strong dancer due to one slightly off performance. I do not understand why Natalie did not get an offer to "dance for her life"?


Mia Michaels drove me crazy all night with her comments, I found her just plain nasty and quite full of herself. Argh........


*Dancemaven~ I think I was typing when you posted....I feel the same way as you!

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Mia Michaels drove me crazy all night with her comments, I found her just plain nasty and quite full of herself. Argh........


I agree with this. I also think the entire show is done in a way to get the audience caught up in the emotion factor, vs. the dance factor. But...it is about making money (advertising, etc.) and most of the general public is watching for the emotion factor, the dancing is just secondary. So...Mia is just what the network wants! Just my opinion..... :unsure:

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Thanks for the explanation of what happened to Natalie. I was scratching my head but of course hadn't seen her snippet so didn't know what happened. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. I think the show will continue to change in our expectations the longer it's on. I've personally known my fist wave of dancers who changed training specifically to audition for the show. I hope it works for them in the end, show or not. Being well rounded can't hurt but unless you are a full time dance student, I'm not sure how some fit it all in.

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We recognized a girl from DD's old competition studio on last night. She got cut from the first overnight choreography group. It was the only time they ever showed her.

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Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist but I think there's more than meets the eye with Natalie being cut. Was she under contract? The tears looked a bit staged to me, especially Brandon's. I think the dancer gets a way out and the show gets some drama. I think that happened with Ricky last year or the year before. The older Broadway brother looks over age, I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets mysteriously cut. I'm curious about the reality behind the reality show.

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Aside from the staged 'dramas' and Mia's 'bad cop' persona, I also think that they did not focus on some of the truly talented dancers, who at this moment , anonymously are somewhere amongst the present 32 dancers. After the audition dramas are played out and they begin to focus on the 20, I'm wondering if there will be a reveal of sorts where we really can see who is who and how they dance.

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They always shift focus so that you know a few people in the Top 20 and don't know others. That has been a common drama keeper over the past 5 seasons. Usually though, time seemed to be spent with on camera time for those who actually did make Top 20. This year, many of the people that have had camera time so far ended up cut by last night. (Natalie, Gabi (the girl from the circus), etc) There do seem to be a couple with definitive ballet training even if they are not listed as ballet dancers which I think is good overall.

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I, too, have heard that Alex has contract issues that prevent him from being on the show. He was amazing though. I get very frustrated with the choreography round. This show is produced by the same people as American Idol, isn't it? American Idol does the same thing with the group numbers and it is always TV drama. My contention is that these dancers could really hurt themselves for not getting enough rest and while the exposure on this show is good, there is only one winner. An injury during the chorography round could impact the rest of their lives.


I know some one who tried out this year. On the show they make it look like they line up the dancers and then each dancer gets a turn in front of the judges. In reality you line up and go through qualifying before you see the judges...so even the sucky auditions got qualified for tv entertainment sake. And then even after seeing the judges there were more rounds before she was sent home.

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On the show they make it look like they line up the dancers and then each dancer gets a turn in front of the judges. In reality you line up and go through qualifying before you see the judges...so even the sucky auditions got qualified for tv entertainment sake. And then even after seeing the judges there were more rounds before she was sent home.


It's true. One of my students auditioned in Seattle, and she was cut in this preliminary "Improv" round while several terrible "dancers" were chosen to perform their solos before the judges. A girl whom the judges referred to as "quirky" and sent straight through to Vegas had spent the morning running in around in front of the producers in a pair of footed pyjamas acting as if she were intoxicated or high. This is what they are choosing to put on their show. It's all about creating drama that will support the advertising going on between segments, not about the best technicians or artists. I'm a little baffled at the moment as to whether as a teacher I should even continue to endorse these auditions or if I should just stick to the traditional company pursuit.

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We do have to remember that they never said they were picking America's Best Dancer, they advertised voting for America's Favorite Dancer which allows for something different. It is really no different than those schools who hold cheerleader tryouts and then let the top group go before the school for voting. Sometimes you end up with a really good cheerleading squad that way, and sometimes you end up with a group of popular but maybe not as talented cheerleaders. It is what it is.


However, even with that, if a dancer is well rounded enough and looking for the possibility of longevity to what would already be a short dancing career I wonder what the downsides of auditioning or going through the show are. That is without the exceptions of the things that are normal in a dance career. Many of the dancers having made the Top 20 in different seasons are doing fairly well for themselves. We've met a couple through DD2's dance competitions and some are using what the judges have told them to better their dancing (including those who have added more ballet to their schedule), plus they may be working, teaching and choreographing all over the US now. Not sure those are things they could have done so quickly without the show or at the level of fees they are charging. There are others who are at home or in NYC/LA living the life of a struggling artist.


It is what it is, but given the amount of dance my kids friends have seen in their lifetime (besides them), the exposure to others has been great and I'm happy for that.

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I went to college with a dancer who was in the top 20 last season. After the show, he was offered a contract with Cirque du Soleil that would begin after he graduated college this year and I believe there are other dancers from SYTCD who were offered similar contracts. He benefited greatly by being on the show, he didn't have to do any auditions!

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Well, our fears about Alex were right -- and while I'm sad for us (as we won't be able to watch him dance on tv for the next few weeks), I'm saddened for him -- what a way to have your contract 'negotiated' on television, and I hope he manages to keep his morale up back at MCB.

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I agree, I felt bad for him. In reality, I'm not sure what he expected to happen with his contract or if he just planned to call after the fact and didn't realize the show would put the ball in their own hands. But I just felt bad that it sounded like he was ready to spread his wings and they were clipped. They did leave the door wide open though. I was impressed with Debbie Allen's response to him. I was looking forward to seeing him. But with the open ended way they talked to him, I wouldn't be surprised that he ends up on the Fall lineup.

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Victoria Leigh

I think he will be there on the first season after his contract ends! He really wants to branch out, and they definitely gave him an open door. My guess is that he won't even have to audition again, just show up and they will put him through. :)

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