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Nerve testing today

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I am nervous.

Today I go to a new neurologist who is going to do nerve testing on my lower extremeties. That is the thing where they spend an hour and a half sticking needles in and shocking you to check your wiring. I had it done elsewhere more than 5 years ago; before my tarsal tunnel diagnosis and surgery.

Now with less than expected/ hoped for recovery of sensation in my feet and some recent pain flare ups, my orthopedist decided it was time for a re-test.

The thing that has me nervous besides the test itself, which is not very painful but is physically exhausting, is my family history. My dad is basically numb up to the knees these days with a neuropathy that has no known cause. It started many years ago with his feet like me but we have several characteristics that do not match too. The doctors didn't think I was "following in his footsteps" last time through but who knows now?

I probably won't hear an opinion today since I have a follow-up with the orthopedist who technically ordered the test, next week but you never know.

I won't get to go to class later on either. The times overlap and I will likely want to come home and crash anyway.


I am taking a deep breath now.




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I hope for the best, whatever that may be for you. I believe I speak for everyone when I say you have our support and admiration.

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I got a diagnosis yesterday, without the Dr. even having to use the needles.

It looks like I have my inheritance early.

I didn't mention my Father having the problem until she said it was neuropathy either. I didn't want to make any "suggestions" that might affect the diagnosis.

The Doctor even said there is a particular type of Neuropathy that is inherited among beople of Scandinavian descent. My Dad's father was born in Sweden.

The details will go to my Orthopedits for my appt. next Friday. Treatment is supposed to originate from there since he ordered the test. I suppose my ortho may transfer me later. It seems like it would make sense....???? The neurologist is even right in my town.

I guess my dreams of being the grey haired, but thin and muscular 70 year old warming up in the corner of the Ballet studio are just that. Not that I won't be trying. I am stubborn. I am just thinking I had better be doing as much as I can stand now.

Thank You for the kind words. I can sure use the support.

It is like I can see my prognosis in my Dad but I don't really believe it yet. It is not like the pain and numbness are anything new. I just thought the tarsal tunnel was diagnosed and treated too late for my nerves to recover fully.

I guess my mind is a little blown right now.




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Laschwen, I am so sorry you have had such a frightening diagnosis. As missvjc says, you have our support. Try not to be afraid that you will end up just like your dad - you don't know yet what advances may have been made in medicine since it first started happening to him. They may know more now. I know it is terrifying and you can only imagine the worst: I have been there. But as you learn more and more, you may find that it is not so bad as you fear. Hold on to that dream, and see what life brings. With lots of love.

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Thank you all for your good wishes. I have to admit it is getting to me. I thought I had done with my day of "poor me pity party" the day after I saw the neurologist. I mostly sat on the couch in a depressed daze. I couldn't get up enough steam to drive to class.

I am not sure whether or exactly what to tell my teachers either.

I should have gone to class. I have been having daily headaches since. I know the exercise would help fight the stress. I think it will be most likely to subside once I get a treatment plan or some more detailed prognosis based on my own tests rather than looking at my Dad. I go to the Dr. on Friday.

I have heard there is a new type of treatment that helps some people. It is called anodyne light therapy. I don't know much about it but it is available at my usual PT office.




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Laschwen - our thoughts and best wishes are with you - from hundreds of us (and maybe more) all around the world.


The period just after you hear must be very difficult because of the shock and because of adjusting to your new situation.


Medical advances are being made at a great rate and it is quite possible that some very effective treatments will be around before too long.


Let us know how it goes.



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I got myself to class last evening and it was such a relief to be there. It relieved the headache and tension in my shoulders a lot. I told my teacher and he was really horrified when I explained that neuropathy generally means nerves die. He is really cool about me doing as much as I can and stopping if my feet go numb or start burning. It is very freeing. I can try one of something and see how it goes. Even the pirouettes which I am usually very tense with came out kind of relaxed and I didn't tip over so much.

I am really glad there is another class today. Next week the student SI starts and we adults go back to Tuesday and Friday only.



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Guest pink tights

Laschwen--that is good news that the light therapy is available at your PT's office. We are all sending positive thoughts your way.

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Sorry to hear the bad news. But it's true that new therapies are being discovered all the time. And I can't help thinking that staying active and keeping the muscles and circulation strong has to help. Hope things get better! :wink:

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I believe I can be bold enough to say for all of us here reading your posts that we lift you up in thought and prayer as you face some unknowns and inevitables with your condition. The fitness you have developed and nurtured through dance can only be a benefit, and even if you are feeling like you can't do a whole lot physically or emotionally, look back at the post where you shared you felt a bit of tension release, etc. when you were able to make it to a class. Can't think of much else that would be as good for the soul either. Hang in there.

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Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming. I see the orthopedist today. I think he will be taking charge of the treatment plan. He is the one who prescribed exercise for my disc trouble and that has done well. He was even very positive about ballet. Let's hope he still is with the new diagnosis. I know he mentioned a very new medication for nerve pain the last time I was there. That could be a good thing if it is not one of those that leave me "Impaired".

I made it to class again last night. Again the headache went away...during class anyway. Of course last night was with the teacher who is with the kids normally and she gives a seriously strenuous class. I loved it but didn't make it past barre.

Until later.....



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I bet ballet will really help you to fight the condition.


I think everyone's right. They'll probably have found a cure in no time at all. :shrug:

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