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No Adult Dance Camp for me this summer


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After being on the fence all spring, I finally made my decision and decided to take a year off from ADC.


I'm going to miss all the friends who get together year after year, as well as the chance to meet people there for the first time, but it is time to take a break. My vacation time seems to be getting more limited, and I want to do something outside this summer. The heel pain I've been experiencing since last year is still bothering me occasionally. At least it finally seems to be correctly diagnosed: the fatty layer under my heel has spread out and isn't cushioning my feet enough. The prescription is heel pads, orthotic devices, and arch supports, and limiting my time in unpadded ballet shoes.


That said, I haven't been exactly limiting my time in shoes. This weekend will be performing in my company's production of SLEEPING BEAUTY doing a full-on pas de deux with another age-challenged dancer. Learning it was easy and I think the number one thing ADC has taught me is quicker learning of complicated combinations.


So, you guys try to have fun without me this year and I promise that I'll back.

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Barretalk not going to ADC?! Will it be worth it for the rest of us to attend? Can we still get our money back? :crying:


This year it was a close call for myself, as well. I have a wedding to attend and won't be in the recital this year. I hope we get to see you next year.



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Talk about a strange day...


I'm in Richmond today, staying on the 7th floor of the Crowne Plaza. Everytime I walk down the hall, I expect to meet up with ADC dancers in the "dancers' dorm", but alas all I see are bike racers here for the Captech Classic, which is also why I'm here, to shoot it for TV.


I stayed in this hotel for 3 weeks last August, between attending my ADC session and then shooting 2LeftFeet's documentary film, so I have a long history here.


I tried to coordinate breakfast with Heidi, but her schedule for today was too jammed to get together.

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Scott, you will be missed! Since I didn't make it last year, I was hoping to connect w/all the alumni!

Well, I guess I will have to sit one night and drink all that pinot noir by myself,....so sad.......sniff, sniff.


Hey, I've tried to email you and it bounces back,....did you block me??

sheila, aka wine lady

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Reading Chinafish's post made me remember the excitement (and nerves) I had the first time I went. It made me feel a little sad I, too, can't attend this year. But there's always next year.


FYI June campers, you'll get a sneak peek of the documentary. I'm sending a DVD of the trailer so Heidi can show it later in the week.

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oh lucky us, I've been itching to see it!! yet another bit of fun to look forward too. I'm sorry you can't come this year though. we'll miss you.

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