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Books: Dancing Through Fire

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I just read this book..... IF you want to know about the book, keep reading...i hope this is helpful!!!


This short Novel is a "Portrait" book... It is very short, but is still a good read. It is historical-fiction. It uses real facts and themes from the Paris Opera Ballet in 1870-1873 when it began to flourish. The main character is Sylvie who is a "little rat" in the Paris Opera Ballet. It gives so much history about the famous painter, Edgar Degas, and how it was in that time in the Ballet. Also, it talks about more than just Ballet (although that is the main theme) but it also talks about the war and sturggles that Sylvie, her family, friends, and the Ballet endure. I reccomend this book to everyone who likes ballet or history.


Was this helpful? Would you want to read this book? Hopefully!


Book info:


No Pictures.

No sequels.


(Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but move it if needed :))

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I checked this book out in the morning at our local library and finished it the next day... It was very hard for me to put down! I really loved this book! :D

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I also enjoyed Dancing Through Fire. If you liked that book, I reccomend Marie, Dancing by Carolyn Meyer. It takes place in Paris at about the same time as Dancing Through Fire, and is about a girl named Marie who was the model for Edgar Degas's Little Dancer Aged Fourteen statuette. Marie goes through many hard times just like Sylvie. Check it out!

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I love to hear that dancers are reading books about ballet in the summer! :P Check out some of the non-fiction books, like the biographies and autobiographies of famous dancers of the past. There are lots of them, like books about Nijinski, Pavlova, Ulanova, Plisetskaya, Nureyev, Baryshnikov, Markova, Alonso, and of course Fonteyn. Also a wonderful book called Theatre Street, which is about Karsavina. Agnes DeMille's books are also great reading. :)

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And of course, what better time to bone up on dance history.... :thumbsup:

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I own this book and I don't care if it's meant for 13 year olds, I still love it.

It has a very distinct "voice" to the main character that's quite different from other books by this author (Katheryn Lasky; I went through a phase for awhile where I read a lot of her books). It's absolutely worth a read.


Going to link this thread, which is for the book Bunheads, but I brought this book up in the discussion we were having, and I think the thread should be linked here for that reason.

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