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Okay I have a few questions, if this isn't the right place you can move it. First, I'll be 16 this fall and I desperately whole heartedly want to dance professionally but I only started January '05 and I'll only be in level 3 this fall. Am I too old to pursue a professional career if I'm 16 and not en pointe yet. Second I'm also homeschooled. That would sound like I have lots of time to dance but I always seem to be working or doing chores. There never seems to be time for dance during the day. Are there any simple excersizes for building up arm, leg, and stomach muscles. Lastly I'm going to my first real SI my mom says I should send a thank you card because they will remember that in the fall when it comes time for scholarships. At first that sounded corny but now I just don't know what to say to make me stand out. Suggestions welcome. Also does anyone know that dress code and any helpful hints for SI at Grand Rapids Ballet Co.?

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I'm going to start with a few things which are definite, then move into the conditionals.


First, time is not on your side. It is possible to start ballet training at age 15, and reach a professional entry-level while you still have time to have a decent career.


Second, the only way to improve at ballet is more ballet. There are no simple back ways or short cuts you can do at home.


Third, good manners cost nothing, are not much trouble, but have little effect on scholarship awards. You make yourself stand out in class by being an outstanding student.


Now for all the ifs.


If you can reach a point where you are taking a ballet technique class every day except one, then you will be closer to the right track.


If you have difficulty making time for dance class, then this career is not for you. Ballet is for people who HAVE to dance, not those who WANT to dance.


If a quick look at the Grand Rapids Ballet site is any indicator, it looks like they favor black or dark leotards and pink tights for class. You should have received a dress code and other school rules for the course with your acceptance materials.


If you have the ability to learn quickly, advance to pointe by the end of next year, and are getting the very best training available in your area, and your body isn't against you, then there's a chance for you to dance professionally.


If you are lucky, you will get a job as a dancer.

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thanks so much, but let me rephrase 1 thing. I don't not have time because I want to be doing school all the time it's because my mom is always on me about school and that it's harder for homeschoolers when it comes time for college. I tried gently to tell her maybe college wasn't in my future, she thought I was joking. If I had a choice I'd dance all day and barely do school.

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Good students are good students. Many ballet students who home school do very well in college, and even get accepted to the best colleges. Your Mom needs to understand your passion and realize that it is not her life, it is yours. However, it is possible to be a very good student and still dance many hours a day in a pre-professional program. It's a matter of organization and priorities. Good students can do this, whether in regular school and pre-pro ballet, or home school and ballet. But time is not on your side. You have to do this now or it will not happen. And, without seeing you, and knowing your physical facility, and your training, there is no way for us to know whether it is possible or not.


One thing is for sure, and that is that it will NOT happen if you are not in full time pre-professional training.

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