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A few questions


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I'm not very familiar with auditioning at all, because I've never done them before. I'm mainly doing these for the experience, because I barely have a chance of getting in.

For one of the places I'm auditioning for, (The Australian Ballet School) it says they will give you a short physical examination before the class. What will they do in that examination?

About how many students do places generally audition at one time? And what kind of standard are the classes they give? Of course, in America things are probably different. But would they be giving you a really difficult class to see if you can cope, or a simple one to give you the chance to dance your best?

In one of the audition forms, they ask for all the dance subjects you've been trained in, and the hours per week that you've taken in them. I only began contemporary at the beginning of this year (because of money) and realise that contemporary is a big conponent to dance now days. When they see how little I've done, will they be put off, or will they see it from the angle that in a year I've caught-up ok?

I have to take photos to send away with the forms and they don't tell me what colour leotard to wear...so I'm assuming that it doesn't matter too much. But from their point of view, would light or dark be better - and any style in particular?

Not everyone at the audition will have been taught by the same method. So I guess we'll do things differently. Do you just stick to the way you've been taught to do a certain step? (I've been taught the Royal Academy of Dancing.)

This question is just out of curiousity: Do auditioners look at the photos of you before the audition, or only if they decide to take you on?

If someone was offered a place at a pre-pro school, and didn't take it, would they then offer that place to the next best dancer they had seen?


I'm sorry to bombard you with all these questions ...(to which I should probably know the answers).

But thanks! :wacko: And I do realise that you might not be able to answer them, as Australia could be different from America.

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Danielle, it's not only different in America, it's different in every audition for every school, SI, or company. There is no way we can answer all of your questions. I will try to answer some of them.


For leotard color for photos, use a dark color, as it will show up much better in a photograph.


As to what you do in the audition, you do whatever they ask you to do, in whatever way they show it. If it is different from what you have learned, try to still do what they show. They do not want to see dancers who cannot follow directions.


As to the amount of contemporary dance, they will look at you in the audition, not in terms of what your form says. If you can do what they ask, they don't care if you have had one year or five years.


Whether the audition is simple or complicated will depend on the teacher giving the audition. No way to know.


The physical exam will most likely be a check of your proportions, flexibility, rotation, and feet. Standard. Don't worry about it.


Absolutely no way to predict how many students will be at any given audition.

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Thanks for answering the questions that you could...I did realise the questions were very specific. Everything is helpful for me as I'm new to it all.

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Hey Skye...:wacko:


Well I auditioned last year for Australian Ballet for level 5 (full-time) and even though i didn't get accepted I can tell you ALOT about it.

Ok well I was in The Australian Ballets interstate Junior Program for 4 years which is where you audition and they pick around 15 girls and boys from australia who have the advantage of traveling to melbourne any time during the year and doing classes for at the least of 1 week each year. So every year I had to re audtion to retain my place for the next year.


In the audition for full time they do a normal ballet class, barre and centre etc. then at the end they do the physical examination. From what I can remeber they get you to stand parallel facing front, right side, back and left side so they can examin the shape of your body. Then facing front first position arms bra bras...and then with a plie.after that standing on one leg fondu leg pointed to the side(they do this both sides). On the floor they get you to demonstrate splits all ways ensuring that hips are square. Also how far when you lay on your back you can pull your leg back to the floor with square hips(once again they make you do EVERYTHING on both sides:P) They get you to lay on your tummy and do froggy. and also face the side sitting on the floor legs out and toes pointed.... to see the shape of your back adn how far your toes touch the ground. Its really simple..there are a few other thing they do but they are REALLY hard to explain!!


Also with photos and audition they dislike it when people wear dark colours as this doesn't show the true shape of there body...seriously darkest I'd go would be purple!


Ok now i'm just going to read through and answer as many questions from your post as possible so sorry if i repeat i'll try not to:)


The class they do is simple steps but the they make them complex to see how your brain thinks...how well its picks up weird combinations...they look for perfect placement and strength. My cousin who got accepted into full time two years ago believes that in her audition the people who got in danced from there heart. its true they love it when they see someone just doing what they love.


Now they also call steps different names to what we do in RAD... watch how they demonstraight each and every step cause its can get confusing when they call Grand battements a jete or glissdae!!!???


Regards with the photos they have them with them they look at them during the audtion. In the class and examination!!! Also in the examination they write alot of stuff about you....


With contemporary they dont even care...My cousin never had done it in her life and they took her! that all i can say... but i must add there contemporary is just pure AWSOME!!!!!


Now one things is they take a different "sort" of person every year but the everyone they take will have a few qualities that are similar like last year the girls that they all were not stick thin...yea they were skinny but there bones were not popping out!!! They also all had amazing feet and strength they could hold a develope any day!!!! Yet the year my cousin auditioned they all had great feet,turn-out and body but they werent that strong.


Recently my ballet teacher did a class with them and they said one year they may not take you but the next you could be PERFECT for what they are looking for. And that they look for somebody they can "mold".


Ok darlin well i hope this helps you heaps and heaps! and i'm really sorry if i waffled on with nonsense but i find all this information handy...


GOOD LUCK with all your auditions and dont think of it as an audition... think of it as a chance for you to show them just how much you love dancing.


CHEERS! :) Hug A Dancer xx

P.S "dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with heart is another!"

also "dont be afraid to be AMAZING!"

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