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Hello, shybaby, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :wacko:


Generally speaking, it takes three years of study, the latest year of which should be at least three 90-minute ballet technique classes per week.

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Hello shybaby. Yes, at least 3 years, but that would be assuming you have the physical facility and very good training. If you are starting as a teen, then you might be able to take more classes per week, which would be good. Please read the "Sticky" topic entitled Facts of Life About Pointe Work, at the top of this forum and it is also on the Pointe Shoe Topics Forum. :wacko:

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welcome to ballet talk for dancers! i am a relatively new student as well (ive only been dancing a year starting this month) and let me just make a suggestion which has helped me:


if i were you i would just concentrate on trying to master steps on flat and get really good at them. then worry about pointe. being able to go on pointe takes a lot of physical requirements, and trying to accomplish it early is only frustrating and not good for you. just try to master everything you learn and you'll get on pointe when you get there :)


also, not everyones bodies are meant for pointe work. just focus on getting better at flat. hope that helped. :wacko:

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