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rotation (sp?)


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i find it hard to gain the correct momentum and to do a rotation neatly with my weight ending on the supporting foot not the pointed one at all. My teacher gave me the advice of pulling up, keeping the supporting leg straight and turning on the ball of the foot only to help. I do all of these but they don't seem to help.

I know you can't see me but do you have any tips like keeping my weight over a certain area,etc?

thank you


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Pointe_bk, I'm going to assume you are speaking of a pirouette, and being able to maintain your center and finish the turn correctly, without falling onto the leg that goes from the rétiré position back to 4th or 5th from an en dehors pirouette.


In order to do this you need to continue spiraling upward at the end of the turn, keeping your body weight on the supporting leg and allowing the working leg to descend to the floor without letting your weight go back on that leg. This is learned by practicing relevé passé and balance at the barre, making yourself go "up" to come back to 5th, instead of "down" to the 5th. Then practice in the center with 1/4 and 1/2 turns until you find that center and the ability to continue to go upward as you lower the foot to the ground.

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Knock, knock


Perhaps pointe_bk is referring to a tour de promenade in arabesque? I think the RAD refers to them as rotations (pronounce with a french accent :D ).

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OK, just for clarity's sake, an RAD rotation is a turn toward the working leg, just the opposite of a fouetté. In this exercise, it is crucial that the weight on the supporting foot remain within the "control zone" of the rear of the ball of the foot to the front part of the ball of the heel.

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