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Teaching: ISTD in America?

Mme. Hermine

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Hello Everyone; I don't usually post here but I've been asked a question I cannot really answer and thought youl might know! :blushing: A correspondent has asked me as follows:


I was wondering if you could give me any information about how many schools in New york actually use the

I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) syllabus to train children and also how difficult it is to get a visa to work on a more long term basis in america?


Apart from visas, can anyone enlighten me on the first question? Thanks!

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ISTD recognizes the Cecchetti Council of America's curriculum for the Cecchetti Method, but I know of no organization which monitors the Imperial vocabulary in the US. (And I've looked!) For some reason, the CCA's website seems to be down, but I haven't heard that the organization (heaven forbid) folded.

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For one year when I was young I did ISTD syllabus in Maryland, with exams and the whole bit... I don't remember the name of the school but could ask my mum if it would help?

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That would be helpful for me, too, just from curiosity's standpoint.

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However, if you're looking for the Imperial syllabus - different from Cecchetti - I don't think there is any ISTD representation in the states. I could be wrong.

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Just an update that mom and I are searching for the name or at least trying to remember the location of the school as much as we can - this was 20 years ago and 2 moves ago! But, if anyone is in Montgomery County, Maryland, and has a phone book, from what I can remember it's near the intersection of.... Viers Mill Road and Twinbrook Parkway - not right at the intersection, but not far from it. Is that a starting point?

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Is it in Olney? Because I recall one of my friends at SAB who was from that area and originally trained in Cecchetti. The school name was Jane or Janet something?

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Hi all - and Hans!


Okay my mom called last night and I've decided she really does love me since she has a programme from a show *20 years ago* saved.... but now I can't quite remember the exact name of the school that she told me...


It is either the Twinbrook School of Ballet or the Twinbrook Ballet School. The teacher was Phyllis Blake, and the school (which was tiny tiny tiny - not a huge, prepro thing, or so...) was in the downstairs of her house.


We did not stay in touch with her, and are not sure where she is now, etc....


But, we know that we definitely took exams, and that they had some 'connection to London' but were *not* RAD. Imperial was definitely in the name - and for some reason I do think it was ISTD. We definitely learned a 'syllabus'.


I know this is all vague, but I hope it helps - maybe Hans, is it still in the phone book or so?

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ISTD maintains two different but both very good, curricula. One is the ISTD Cecchetti, which, as I mentioned before, is maintained in the US by the Cecchetti Council of America, which is recognized by the Society, but the other is the ISTD Imperial syllabus, which I don't think is represented in the US.

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Location-wise that looks right Hans - but I guess it would really depend if Ms. Blake was still teaching there as to what it follows. I'd be surprised if she was still teaching, to be honest - it's been a long time.


When I go home later this year I'll try to check through my multitudes of boxes in the basement to see if I find the certificate from the exam. My mom and I both remember "Imperial" something - but exactly what, I don't remember.

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