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Tell Us About the Graduating Class at Your Residency or Pre Pro!

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Moderator's Note: Because this is a split thread, there is no originating post. To clarify the purpose of this thread, it is to list the company offers, college acceptances and other job offers that were made to the graduating seniors at your school. If you can share how many are in the graduating class that would also be helpful. No names please and no need to break it out by individual. If you want to list the company or school first and how many offers were made to seniors at your school, that is fine. We want to protect anonymity of dancers, but still give the pertinent facts. Please list the name of the school!




Ballet Booster- I know of one young lady and one young man from SAB who have been selected by Miami City Ballet. Don't know their starting positions. Much seems to happen at SAB at the end of the year, as far as job news- I will report newsas it comes my way.

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Good to hear, support system! How many graduating seniors are there at SAB this year? It would be great to hear where they all end up! :dry:

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balletbooster- The system at SAB for the advanced female students consists of three levels, highest being level D. This is not considered a "graduating" class as at some other schools. Some students may go to a second year at that level. It is rather amorphous, the students are considered company ready when they have found a job, which can happen prior to the dancer reaching the highest level. The students receive a review every Spring, and the teachers make recommendations relative to the students future.

At the end of the school year, Peter Martins will select students for as apprentices with the company. This also seems to be the time other company announcements are made. I think that some students are asked to join other companies after being seen in the workshop performances. I should have more info next week.

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Thanks again for the explanation support system. So, how many students are in the 3 levels you mentioned? How many are post-grads and how many are seniors? I assume that there might be younger students in these levels as well. (This is not unlike NCSA, where there are students 11th grade through post grad/college who are in the four levels of the upper school. So, in order to really take a bird's eye view of the graduating seniors, you have to count them up from all the levels, not just one.) It is not uncommon at any school for there to be dancers who do a year or two post grad either. But, I think what is really interesting and useful for others to see, is how that group just graduating HS fares in terms of how many are ready and able to find work, how many choose to pursue other careers and how many go on to do post-grad training either at SAB or at a college ballet program. If you can give some insight into this sort of information, I think it would be really wonderful. No rush! I know that much is in flux at this point in the year and plans are not finalized for many. :)


How about those with dancers at the other residency schools? Can someone give this information for VSA, UBA, Harid, Nutmeg, Walnut Hill... :shrug: Ask your dancer! If you start asking around and check with another mom or two, it is not that hard to build a pretty complete list of what the graduating seniors are doing!


Congrats tsavoie! I look forward to hearing about this next step in your son's journey. I know it is an exciting time for you both! :shrug::shrug:

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Can someone give this information for VSA, UBA, Harid, Nutmeg, Walnut Hill...


VSA has 12 seniors and one post-grad (5 boys, 8 girls). Based upon best info thus far, they will be going to:

1--Boston Ballet II; 1- Milwaukee Ballet; 1-Richmond Ballet; 1-Nashville Ballet; 1-Ballet Met; 1-either to NCDT or Cincinnati Ballet; 1-dance with Joffrey Ballet(summer), then Marymount Manhattan College; 1-dance at Jacob's Pillow(summer), then to New World School of Dance;1-Western Kentucky University; 1- Wright State College; 1- Wake Forest University; 1-pursuing dance-theatre college program;1- hired as performer at Disney World.

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Ballet Booster- It is very difficult to tell how many of the dancers are seniors! Quite a few dansers come from overseas, and were not required to take further schooling by their country of origin, although they are only 16 or 17. No one is ever referred to by their secondary school ranking. Of the kids from the USA, many are home schooled, some attend the Professional Children's School, or the High School of the Performing Arts- both right next door to Lincoln Center.

Starting with the first level of the advanced division, morning classes are required. This puts the traditonal high school pecking order right out the window. My quess is that maybe 10-14 kids may be Seniors. Post grad? Meaning not going to high school anymore, but not taking college courses, either? Maybe 20-30. The total of the advanced girls is around 45-50, advanced men, maybe about 60 or so. My daughter loves the fact that during partnering, the male to female ratio is 3:1. The boys have to wait for their turn to partner!

I would think that their are not many girls 20 years old left at SAB. Taditionally, the year you turn 19 is your last year at the school. I guess that the staff feels if you have not reached the poit wher you have a job, it is time t move on. There are always talented young teens, waiting in the wings for their chance to get the next opening. The competition is wicked, but not due to nastiness, it's just sheer quantity of talent and ambition.

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support system, maybe you could start with your daughter's level and tell how many are in that group (no need to tell which level that is), and talk about where they are going. If you could attach ages, that would be helpful. As you mentioned that after 19 students generally don't stay, I think it would be interesting to know how many end up leaving to pursue other interests and how many find jobs by that point. 100-110 is a big number for those who are in the advanced levels. But, I assume some of those are in the 16/17 age group and not at the traditional age where a contract is being actively pursued.


I do understand the complexities of the levels. Again, this is similar to NCSA, as some here are post grads taking college courses, some post grads are just here for the ballet, some are still in HS and they are all mixed up in the same levels, with some doing academics for HS, others for college all at different times during the day. I realize that with all of them finishing HS in different ways at SAB, it is tricky to know who is really a 'senior', but it would be great if you could share how many are at 'senior age' and if in a traditional setting would be graduating this year and then how they are faring with their job search.


No need to address your answers to me personally. :blushing: I'm just trying to spur on the discussion and get the facts and stats that many would like to know. This is information that people are really interested in knowing about any residency they are considering and it is frustratingly difficult to get from many of the schools themselves. If someone would start a list for the school that they attend and put in those they know about personally, then perhaps others will come along and fill in the holes. None of these schools are huge and all of the students surely know one another. Isn't this sort of thing talked about amongst the dancers and shared as offers are made? Good news travels fast in these parts. I assume this to be the case at all the residencies. Maybe this is part of the culture of some schools and not others. :sweating:


For those who attend the various schools, if you find that this sort of information is not readily shared amongst the students, I think that would be interesting to know as well. Sharing something about the culture, comraderie, closeness among students in the same level/grade would be very helpful again for those considering the school. This would be good to add to the thread for the particular residency on the Pre-Pro/Residency forum. With all the representation we have from various residency programs on BT, I'm surprised that more are not anxious to share the information they have about their graduating class! I know that there are many good stories to be told! :blink:


Since many schools are adding post-grad training to their program, I think that it would be nice to know how the dancers in these programs fare too. But when posted, it would be helpful to note that they are post-grad, so that it is clear that they did an extra year or two of training before finding work. If enough users here on BT will share such information we can get a pretty good idea about the trends in ballet hiring right now.

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Here's the point:


No one is interested in prying into someone's personal life. HOWEVER, these threads were set up on the good faith notion that the exchange of information and experience is good. Therefore, it is reasonable to presume that every poster/member/lurker who comes here is looking for insight and/or information. And those folks that become members presumably do find something of value in the information and exchange of ideas that those members who have become posters are willing to share.


IF so many are reticent or unwilling to share information or experiences, then what is the point of even having BT, this thread, or any threads on the annual search for company placement, college decisions, or training opportunities. :blushing:


Posting factual information is nothing more than giving back to the community that provides value to you. If someone is unwilling to share information, then I'm not sure how they justify taking the benefits of the information others are willing to share.


What's the big secret about where the members (no names needed!) of the graduating (or matriculating or "just plain leaving") class/level of the various residency programs are going at the end of their stint at the school/program? After all, isn't that information the reason parents are actually willing to send their kids to residency programs, that is, attempting to hedge their bets that the residency school may provide a better stepping-off stone than a less-connected home program? If the schools really don't provide that extra "help", then isn't that something parents might want to know?


Wow!!! I had no idea SAB had 100-110 "ready to fly" students each year! That program is much larger than I ever imagined.

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Thanks Dancemaven for clearing that up! And thanks to those of you supplying us with very helpful information. I for one am reading this topic with extreme interest. DD is determined to move to a boarding school her junior year. If we do this, I want to make sure she is at a school that has a good reputation for turning out company ready dancers.

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Thanks for your clarifying post, dancemaven! You articulated my frustrations very well and I do hope that others will be inspired to share graduation plans for grads at the school they attend. It is what BT is all about. :(


drval01, Hearty congratulations to your daughter on her contract! :wub::sweating: It sounds like her pre-pro did a fantastic job with their seniors this year! Please continue to share how things go as she moves into this next phase of her journey.

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An update on my earlier post on the students at the Rock - the undecided 16 year old has been asked to join PBII, which makes 2 grads going there. As to Ballet Alert - it's been a tremendous resource for me as well in helping to understand the complex processes of training, auditioning, working, etc. in the ballet/dance world. I've been a reader, not a poster. Lots of ups and downs - we've dealt with it all - balancing academics and socializing, weight control, acceptances, rejections, etc. dd will attend NYU in the fall; it was a tough decision; her option was to do a post grad year at Rock which we are fully confident would have made her company ready, but she just needed something else in her life right now and to be with nondancers some of the time. The program at Tisch is rigorous and will allow her to try other things. As to training, everyone's different and different strokes for different folks so to speak, which makes for lively dialogue. The school where one student thrives leaves another miserable. I do think that one aspect of what makes a good school though, large or small, is one that cares about all of it's students, not just the superstars, and guides them equally with respect to be as good as they can be. dd landed at Rock senior year and for her, it really worked - mind you, this is our experience, and others may have have (had) different. we found that they assess the student honestly when they arrive, good and not good - and commit themselves to fixing the stuff that needs fixing, they work the students very hard but impart a love of dance and movement - the res. choreog. creates a lot of challenging "fun" dances, the students are always treated with respect and we've observed no obvious favoritism, despite the presence of world class dance students; not surprised that graduates did well in their job searches. Can't speak for the residence life - we live in the area. This is in no way meant to be a solicitous ad, because again, I think what works for one is not the right mix for another. Good luck to all of yours out there - they work so hard! - these kids deserve it all and it's not always immediately available just based on the numbers - supply and demand. Perseverence prevails.

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Thanks for the Rock update and congratulations to your daughter. I'll be looking forward to hearing about the Tisch program.


I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about finding the right school for YOUR dancer. I'm so glad that the Rock was a good fit for yours! You should post some of your insightful comments over on the Rock year-round thread, so that those considering the school can read about your experiences.


I really appreciate you being willing to share. It is wonderful when you can look back and put the journey into some perspective and then share that with others. Thank you so much! :crying:

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Update on the VSA grads - the one who was going to Cincinnati Ballet or NCDT is going to NCDT as a trainee, and the student who was going to a college theater program was accepted at AMDA in New York.


congratulations drval - Cincinnati Ballet is an excellent company with excellent people!

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Thanks dancemaven, balletbooster and drval for the prodding. :ermm:


From our small pre-pro school (not attached to a professional company), we had 5 female seniors (out of 5) in our graduating class + 1 post grad:

Grad# 1--position at Disney as Mickey

#2--full dance scholarship to Bellhaven College & SUNY Purchase (uncertain to decision)

#3--Houston Ballet II accepted, PNB SI for "consideration", ABT Studio company (high alternate is what she was told)

#4--Nashville Ballet II (performance pay), Charleston Ballet(paid apprentice--accepted), Orlando Ballet(unpaid trainee), Alabama Ballet (unpaid apprentice), Louisville Ballet (unpaid apprentice), Butler University dance and academic scholarship (deferred)

#5--trainee Ballet Ad Deum

#6--post grad male, trainee offer at Ballet Magnificat not sure if he will accept or finish college



*edited to add our gentleman

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