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Need undergarment help for costume


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Hello all!


Well I broke down this year and decided to do the spring recital with my class after sitting it out last year. I'm in my late twenties and have been dancing for 3 years, and ever since I graduated from the adult beginner levels I've been in with mostly teenagers. Our costume is a halter-top leotard with jazz-type pants. I was wondering what I can wear underneath to um, supplement the top and hold the rest in? I never wear halters due to the difficulty wearing a bra. Any ideas would be appreciated.




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You just need a halter style bra! Take the leotard with you to a lingerie store--a clerk should be able to help you. Otherwise, a strapless bra sewn into the leotard can do the trick as well.

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Another option is a liner leotard (they come in beige or taupe) with detachable/adjustable straps that can be moved (or sewn) to a halter position.

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And when all else fails. A halter bikini top that you are comfortable in. I often use that trick in a pinch with salsa dresses.

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Guest pink tights

Does your school have a wardrobe mistress? I grew up in a school with a wonderful lady who was always willing to help--she usually spotted any problems before we were aware of any! If you have such a person, ask her to help with fit issues.

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There's also the tape which doesn't provide support but does prevent embarrassment, although I don't know where you go to buy it ....

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The foundation department of mall department stores often sell a "stick-on bra". I have used these (actually doubled up on them as suggested on the package) to eliminate the "bounce factor" when I had to wear a cami style unitard for a performance. They also eliminate "headlights". They stayed on even when sweating, but did hurt a little pulling them off.

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*knock knock*


Had a beautifully seethrough white costume with absolutely nooo support this year, so this topic plagued me for a bit too.


I found that a lot of dance stores in my area sell "maillots", thin, skin coloured bodysuits with a low back and small straps, that are invisible under a costume but help a lot. I've also seen different bras and panties that seem like they'd work quite well too.


Good luck B)

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I know that Gilda Marx and Natalie both make bandeau style bras/undergarments that I've used in the past, as have many of the girls I dance with. Body wrappers also offers a wide variety, depending on what style you want. I've yet to see a good halter style undergarment, but bandeau or low back/clear strap variety could work, I'm willing to bet.

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