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Frappe Accents vs. Beat Accents


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I am probably going to feel stupid after asking this question, but the Frappe accents at the barre always seem backwards to me, compared to the beat accents in center. When I do a beat, like entrachat, what I generally say in my head is, "Plee-STRAIGHT-ta-ta" The STRAIGHT gets a marcato accent, while the "ta ta" gets two light staccato accents- so the accent is on the straight. And I guess the "Plee" is like a preparatory grace note. However, while a beat goes "STRAIGHT-ta-ta", in frappes it seems like the accent goes "TA-TA-STRAIGHT" So it seems like jumps go 1-AND-A-2-AND-A, while frappes go AND-A-1-AND-A-2. I guess the accent feels like it is more on the AND-A in frappes, and more on the 1 in beats. Am I crazy? What am I missing?

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Maybe it varies depending on the music? :whistling:


Or it varies depending on stylistic emphasis? :cool2:


If you equate the timing of the plie preceding the jump with the pause in sur le coup de pied in frappe, then it does seem that the jump into the air in sousus could correspond to the strike of the frappe beat.


But if you think of immediately beating while on your way up into the jump (e.g. no clear snapshot pause in sousus before beating), then the beats in the jump and the strike in frappe would seem to correspond.


So, could it depend on what approach you take to beats? Some people like you to beat straightaway (especially those who think of immediately opening the legs to produce the beats, *while on the way up into the air*). Others prefer the delayed, more syncopated effect you seem to be describing (where you get a clear image of sousus before the legs disengage for the beats. This seems to produce a different accenting from what you get in frappe.).


Don't think you're crazy at all. I've wondered this before myself. Just don't know that I'm entirely correct. Maybe someone who knows more can say? :wink:

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Depends on what kind of frappés you are doing and where the accent is placed. In most methods the frappé uses a strike action with the metatarsal stiking the floor and the finish of the frappé is straight and on the "1". However, in some systems the accent is in, with a pointed foot, no use of floor. Very different type of frappé.

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