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I have read so many of the older posts in this forum, and I feel like there is so much wisdom and advice to absorb from them.


I have been dealing in particular with being in the lobby quite a bit and having mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, my daughter is young and I like to be nearby. On the other hand, being in there twice a week for an hour at a time just wears on me after a while, and I worry about getting caught up in things just by virtue of being there. I think I may just sit in my car - I'll still be close by but not right in the thick of things either.


The other issue is finding the right balance of encouragement and support. I really enjoyed reading different posters' thoughts on those topics.


So, as a mom of a pretty young dancer, thanks for being here. :thumbsup:

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Welcome JetandGES! We are glad you are here. There is a wealth of information in these pages and the people here are a wonderful resource. We're glad you've joined us. Be sure to read the stickies at the top of the forums so you can better find your way around and please join in the conversation!



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