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As I mentioned in our new getting to know you thread, I'm taking 3 classes a week this summer thus far. One is my usual Monday with Miss Dorothy. But Tuesday and Thursday I'm in an open/mixed class with an instructor that teaches Cecchetti method. Boy is that different. I'm having a hard time not finishing in plie and a hard time not turning my head in the direction of movement. It is neat learning a bit about a new style though.


I'm thrilled about getting to dance 3 days a week and really enjoying the "something new."


Anyway, what about you? Changes/additions to your summer (beyond intensives...although I think I'm going to Richmond next summer).

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Since Joffrey closes for a stretch in the summer, I'm trying to up my classes now at other studios in hopes of findning one that I can carry through the summer. I just started taking Bil Badolato's class again and Peridance and I remember why I used to love him so much. He always says that the movements should be very "organic" and should flow together. He makes you "dance" everything, even barre ... if that makes any sense. :rolleyes:

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I'm slowly making my way back into dance after a month long injury hiatus. I'm taking classes at two studios--one with an adult advanced class (we'll see what that means next week) and the other with an intermediate level teenage class. Lucky for me, at (almost) 22, I don't feel too old in the teenage class!

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Finally getting back to the land of dance classes for a few weeks, then back to NZ, then (hopefully) to Richmond in August. Between two studios, I think I can cram in a class every day Mon through Sat. I am SO excited about getting to a proper ballet class again; I can't wait!! I keep checking the schedule online, just in case there are any changes. Only 10 more days 'til I can dance!

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I'm doing advanced classes at my studio's SI. I can't take everyday due to work, but am taking Adv, Open, Pointe 1, Variations, and possibly Choreography. It will be so fun!

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I'm currently taking an intensive course in ballet and Pilates in my studio. I like this particular guest teacher a lot; his explanations and corrections are informative, and even if I cannot always do everything right away I always get new insights to the hows and whys of ballet technique and a lot of material to work on afterwards from his courses. Besides, his classes are very body-friendly :blushing: , at least to a person with my general construction.


The intensive courses end on Sunday, and after that I'll leave for a vacation in Italy and be completely out of ballet classes for 3 weeks. I've been contemplating of trying to find a suitable class in Rome just for the experience, but so far have not done anything about it due to general busyness. (If somebody on the board can recommend nice classes in Rome, I'd be happy for the tip.)


After that it is back to 5 days a week until Sammatti Dance Camp. Dinna Bjorn plans to set about 40 minutes of Napoli on us; a truncated version with some pieces of every act. (We have only 7 days of rehearsal time! We'll be working like crazy. :D ) However, the work is going to be fun, and the idea of having a central theme to the end performance and being part of a bigger whole is very appealing to me, so I expect to have a great time. :o And who knows, we might pull it off! She is a professional, and worked with us last year also, and so probably knows better than me how much we are really capable of delivering.


After the camp, there isn't really much summer left; there is only a week before the autumn schedules start in my school. I think I will take that week off or with partial schedule, depending on how tired my body feels after the camp.



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My twice a week classes end at the end of June and don't start again until about the 3rd week of August.

Before the teacher arrived last evening my classmates had "the discussion" of what we are going to do in the meantime. Last year most went over to another studio (I wasn't aware of the plan and missed out last year) but now one or two are saying they don't want to take from "that guy". That is not encouraging. I was considering going to that despite the fact that their time schedule is not great for me, but now??? I also considered just doing pilates in addition to my water classes at the YMCA for the duration. It is no added cost and local.....

I have a few weeks to think about it.



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I'm currently taking adult classes in the city at a small studio and luckily it is year round. Once I get my finances in order I would love to go to the SI.

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I'm attending the same intensive Pilates-course and Sammatti Dance Camp that psavola (Päivi) mentioned above. This is my first intensive course with this guesting teacher (Robertjohn Lange) and I like him a lot although it took some time to understand him (and his sense of humour :) ). His classes are great! I'm quite annoyed at the moment because I missed yesterday's and today's classes because of some nasty stomach virus and I truly hope that I can make it tomorrow, but can't say yet. :shrug: Pilates has been a new experience to me but I'm definitely hooked!


Otherwise I try to take as many ballet classes as possible before our dance camp but I know I will be away from town and country from time to time. I've never been to Sammatti before and the streaming is even higher this year than what it has been before so I'm excited but also scared... :unsure: I know it will be fun but I think that I'm going to be exhausted afterwards!!! I just try to psyche up myself that I will do my best and that's enough!


My summer schedule will include probably one pointe technique class and at least 3 but hopefully up to 5 ballet classes. I take classes at two different studios but either of them offer classes on weekends during summer season. So I have to take walks, swim or do something else then.


It's going to be a busy summer. :)

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Summer is ideal to 'get away' from your usual teacher, try out some new classes, and get back to your favourite teacher in the autumn. :-) Happy summer

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Dance_Scholar_London, I agree! I have only one of my "own" teachers for about 2 weeks and otherwise I will have at least 3 totally new teachers (new to me, I mean) and some of my old ones.

That will mean nice change and new corrections. :)

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I'm hoping to do a "home-brew intensive" this summer :) That is, I'll take 5 classes a week, and at a slightly more advanced level than I am comfortable with.


Then drop back to my usual 3-4 classes including one total beginner class, to work on getting the most basic actions correct. :crying:

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I'm mainly working and taking trips this summer; so far I've been to Florida with my family and to Alabama for a conference. I'm also going on a short vacation w/ friend for 4th of July and doing something fun for my birthday in July-not sure what yet. :crying:


I'm also taking classes at my home studio and if I'm home I make it to about 2/week with my work schedule being crazy; I work at a hospital-12 hour shifts. We are having some guest teachers at the end of July! I would like to get in some classes at studios that are 1-3 hours away this summer but I don't know if I'll be able to make that happen or not. :)

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I'm doing classes 2/week at a fine local studio, though I really would like to do more, because I spend the other 5 days of the week looking forward to those 2 days! I just had the opportunity to take a class with MYB, and I was *thrilled*. :) I can't wait for another opportunity to go back there, if my work schedule and transportation permits!

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My work schedule's only letting me squeeze in a few classes a week (5 if I'm lucky). I take the free open classes at the school my company's attached to ,and an occasional open class elsewhere with teachers who help me. enough to kinda stay in shape, but FAR less than what I feel like I should be doing. Trying to be as productive as I can with the classes I do get. Artistically, I think I've made some headway, but my body's just not feeling as strong as ideal.


There's an SI at the school starting up soon that I can attend for free, so that should be a cool experience. I might get back into "real" shape with that.


I REALLY miss NYC too. My dream situation would be to take a whole week at steps before starting fall season rehearsals. Don't know if I can swing it financially, though.


Been enjoying summer though. I'm trying to get a few little vacations here and there, and seeing my family (and super cute 3 year old nephew) when I can. Snagged myself a cute software engineer recently, too! he he... Real reason I've been a bit lazy:)

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