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I'd been a bit behind in my student loan payments (not since Feb when I left my job :o ), and started to get daily recorded voicemails from an agency that's NOT my lender. Yikes!!!


Finally bit the bullet today and made the 1-800 call, expecting something horrible, cold, and impersonal.


The woman was SO NICE! First questions I answered were about what I'm doing (unpaid ballet apprenticeship +part time work).


She totally hooked me up right away with the lender, and got me a few things I qualify for. They changed my status to "current" right away (before I even send the paperwork) so I won't have badness on my credit report.


Once we were all done, she said "OK, now you're doing fine". I was like "well, arghhhh, no, not really"

THEN she said... "You know........Just dance good". Wow. She actually paid attention to what I was saying. Actually got tears in my eyes. She must have taken ballet at some point in life. I TOTALLY want to send a letter to her boss, saying how helpful she was in a time of stress. Maybe the world is not so evil. :blushing: I feel so much better now that I have more of a window to try this.

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Things like that completely make me have faith in humanity, Lampwick. After a horrible day at work (children should not be allowed on fieldtrips around expensive artifacts the day before they go on summer break! It's a bad combination!) and my first full dance class in about a month, I'm in one of the "the world can just go **** itself" moods.


When life is stressful, I think we all need one of those moments where someone makes it okay, even if just for a minute. I'm so unbelievably blessed to have gotten a full ride for my undergrad and am debt free. I'm sure things will be different when I do my grad work, but with my fellow recent graduates scrambling to consolidate all their loans in the next 2 weeks, I know how tough it can be.


And like she said...just dance good. It can make things feel a little better.

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It's so wonderful when people are NICE. Restores your faith in humanity. I'm glad to hear things worked out...I have heaps of student loans from grad work that will be calling my name in about, oh two months.


One day at a time...dance well. Be nice to someone in return. That's life for ya!

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I definitely think you should find a way to contact her supervisor and tell him/her about your great service. I was shopping the other day at the Body Shop and received the best customer service I have probably ever gotten in a retail store. I asked the woman to write down her name and her manager's name on my receipt and I am sending a letter in today. And I will now be a faithful customer at that store!

I loved your story, thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, my debt is from grad school.


Should let you guys know that unlike undergrad loans, ones for advanced degrees are often unsubsidized. YOU HAVE TO pay the interest, even if you can't afford the balance. Otherwise, the things will never be paid off.


I got the consolodation a few years ago when the rates were insanly low. Mine's at like 3%. Good thing.

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Why shouldnt she be nice? Why be nasty with someone just because they owe you money?


I bet nice ones have a much better record of getting repayments. Remember - when being interrogated, its the nice policeman that you really have to watch.



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Lampwick, I think you should try to send in that letter, so she has every encouragement to be nice to the next person she deals with, too. It's so great to get positive feedback, and there's too little of it around...

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The woman was SO NICE! ... I TOTALLY want to send a letter to her boss, saying how helpful she was in a time of stress.


As a former customer service rep, I beg of you -- please send that letter. I can tell you from experience that she NEEDS it, maybe even more than you needed her niceness!

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