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variations skirt?


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Could someone tell me- what is a variations skirt? Is it like a practice tutu? We need one for Kaatsbaan SI. Where do we get this? Thanks.

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No, a skirt for pointe or variations class just means one of those little wrap around chiffon-like skirts that they all wear. :o

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bontemps~ At Kaatsbaan they will wear the skirts in the performance at the end of the session. My daughter brought a basic black one last year, but ended up borrowing another one because it was preferred that they wear colors. If it is like last year (and I think it will be), they will be wearing their blue leotards with the skirts, so I would suggest bringing a skirt that looks good with whatever blue leo she will be wearing for the performance. Also, a couple of items DD needed for the performance last year that were not listed in the handbook were black convertible tights and a red leotard...luckily, she was again able to borrow items she didn't have. While she may not need red again this year, to play it safe, she is bringing every color leo she owns, as well as a couple of pairs of black tights. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. :o

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Ah- thanks! Of course she has several of those. We have never heard it referred to as that, just practice skirt :o

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Amy's mom- that is good to know about the various colors of leotards. In the handbook, it just says bring color of your choice and my dd mostly wears black so she probably wouldn't have brought any colored ones.


The reason I was confused about the skirt is that it says they may wear the Georgette skirt for variations class and then it says they will need a variations skirt for the performance- so I thought they were 2 different things. I didn't see anything about a blue leo for performance, so thanks!!

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bontemps~ I was confused last year about the term "variations skirt" also. I had never heard chiffon skirts referred to that way.


You're right...the handbook doesn't specify a blue leo, but the 2006 brochure does say a blue leo is required for the performance. :shrug: I guess you could call or e-mail Timothy Hess if you need to know for sure.


My DD is interested to know which session your DD is going to?

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Amy's mom- DD is going to 2nd session. I think it's nice they give the list of names for each session in the handbook. That must be nice for those returning this year to see which of their friends will be there. :shrug:

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DD will also be going to session 2. :shrug: She's so happy to have the same instructors as last year...she thought they were outstanding! I hope your DD will have a wonderful time there as well!



Moderators: Since this is essentially a discussion about Kaatsbaan, should it be moved to that thread?

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Amy's Mom--I'm going to leave the discussion here since the original question was "what is a variations skirt". However, I would like for you guys to take any further discussion of which sessions you will be attending to that thread since it has taken this one off topic. Thanks!

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