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L' Allegro

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(random article: our computer was down with a virus for ONE WHOLE MONTH. thus i am THRILLED to pieces to have access, once again, to my beloved ballet talk)(end of random note.)


I've gotten over being upset about casting... and I have a really good part in the finale section of our end-of-year piece. My problem??? I do a really good job with the finale...after all, I love it... but the other two 1 min sections I just can't seem to get into my dancing. It doesn't help that before one of the sections is a nother section that always makes me depressed to watch (or even listen to:)) So how, oh how, can I snap out of it and do a really good job?


xtra: my posture is really good for the finale. NOT for the other sections- a SLIGHT slump. maybe a dissapointed slump?


Please help! show is next weekend!!!!

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L'Allegro, it's really hard from your post to determine what you mean, but basically your job is to perform to the very best of your ability no matter what the part or whether it inspires you or not. Without posture and placement there is no technique. You do NOT want to appear on stage even for one minute without technique. If the role is depressing, then ACT what the role calls for. Lots of roles are not happy roles. But, they can be very rewarding to portray.

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