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dancewear items to take for a 2 weeks SI


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To guys ONLY,


How many items would you recommend taking the followings for a full 2 weeks summer intensive residential course?


1) tights :)

2) fitted top / leotards :D

3) jockstrap or whatver you call it. :green:

4) ballet slippers :rolleyes:

5) socks :unsure:


and anything else that one should take?


Each day will have 4 - 6 classes. Is it normal to wear the same gear for the one whole day?? :blushing:


Many thanks!

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I'd take two of everything, and wash everything by hand in the sink at night, except for the ballet slippers. And yes, a change during the day is a good idea.

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I usually buy seven of everything just so I don't have to do so much laundry, but of course that does get expensive. I would at least have a change of shirt and dancebelt midway through the day.

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I would take as many dance belts (3-4) as you can fit in your bags. I would include a small bottle filled with liquid laundry detergent for washing sweaty dance clothes.


Bring more than one pair of soft technique shoes, so one pair can dry when you wear the other.


Have fun!

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Mel's advice to take at least two of everything is a good start. If a shoe decides to to deconstruct itself midweek, you'll be glad to have alternatives. Likewise if something starts rubbing you wrong and you just want to change to a different model.


Here in the colonies, men's dance supporters are called "dance belts". Take several because they tend to dry slowly after a sink washing.


(even though you aren't going to Adult Dance Camp in Richmond, consult the sticky "Richmond Survival Guide" in the adult dancers forum for more "what to take" information that should apply to everyone.)


Take enough clean T-shirts or tops so you can change out of your morning sweaty stuff at lunch before attempting pas de deux class. A tin of breath mints is the most important thing you can bring to pas de deux, and clean clothes is second.


Good luck, have fun, let us know how it went.

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I brought a duffle bag fulf of dancewear to adult dance camp, i would usually change after the first class of two to be more confortalbe. i didn't wear the same thing more than one and definetly didn't use half of what i brought.

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Haha You guys make me feel dirty or something. I pretty much dance all day and I dont think i ever change clothes (except when i put on a black shirt for modern or some shorts or something for jazz).

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yeah - but wait until the boys get crammed in one small dressing room for a performance! The smell has nowhere to go but up one's nose! :blink:

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