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Fifth Position


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I am having problems getting my best fifth everytime my working leg closes coming from degages. When the combination is really fast or intricate I seem to lose my fifth position. It just doesn't close all the way. My teacher says that when you work faster you need to "pull up more to make room for the fifth". I don't really understand what she means. Could anyone elaborate or offer and advice on this? Thanks!



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From the sound of that correction, you must be settling into the supporting hip. Lift up.

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How do you fix sitting in the supporting hip? I know it's wrong and a guest teacher said that I did it, but I can't seem to correct it. Are there any tricks on how to do it, other than just not to?

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I looked up your earlier posts and would say that the situation is being aggravated by hyperextension. Dealing with that condition first will go a long way to enabling you to keep from settling into the supporting hip. Ask your teacher for help.

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