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I was "surfin' the net" and I came across this promotional piece for Oregon Ballet Theatre:


Who's Your Dancer?


I thought it was a very clever way of introducing their dancers to the public and generating some interest in the company. I especially like the one of Ronnie Underwood with the swans in the back of his truck looking dreamily at him--so cute! :D Does anyone know how this campaign went over in Portland?

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Those ads have been in the paper and sides of public transportation since early spring here. The Stowells are really trying to expose Oregonians to classical and neoclassical ballet here, as the old AD was fond or very modern repertory. Next year is Sleeping Beauty! :) The dance community here is excited about the changes. This bodes well for our feeder schools, too.

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Well, kudos to the person that came up with this idea! :) It would certainly catch my eye and make me want to know more if I saw those ads around town! With all the closings of ballet companies in the past year, it's exciting to see a company come up with something fresh like this to create interest. I hope it works well for them!

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I thought it was a great idea too . . . and I have one of the shirts!

for Amy's Mom --I work at the boutique at performances and we definetely sold a lot of the shirts so I'd say that the campaign went over well :) Many people also bought the posters with with the featured dancer's on them which were sold for $5 a piece

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Oh my gosh! What a cute ad campaign! :clapping: I love it, it's so creative and fresh! The pictures are amazing and I loved reading about each dancer! Does anyone know how to get the posters with the dancers on them? I would love to buy one. :huepfen:

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I would try e-mailing the marketing dept. through the website's 'Contact Us' page. They would know of the posters are for sale, and how you could obtain them. I agree- brilliant campaign!!

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