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Richmond here I come!!!


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*Frantically stuffing things into my bag*...


Clothes... leos... tights... camera... makeup... toothbrush... phone charger... passport... hm....


Can't wait!!! Hoping to meet some faces from across the pond as well. I'm 24 years old, and Chinese. Be sure to say hi! :)



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chinafish, I have so much junk im trying to cram in it looks like capezio in here! very excited! although you would think i'd have learned how to pack by now :)

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Right, I don't know if I've forgotten anything yet.


Because I'm stuck at Newark.......


Plane's supposed to leave by 5pm at Newark but departure board now says 8pm.


aarrgghh!!!!!!! Not a good start, eh?



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Hey Fish - didn't know you were doing Richmond. Have a great time and be sure to report back in minute detail!


I'm in Washington DC next summer for my job, so am hoping to do the ADC as well.



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Yes I will!


Just had the first full day. Absolutely knackered.


Oh yes I forgot to pack my contact lenses. What an idiot....



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It's midweek at camp -- How's it going Fish???


Your feet and legs holding up ok? Counting the weeks till I go. Check in if you have a chance.....

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I'll post a "review" (or whatever you call it) later in the week when I have time.


Getting off the plane and then going straight to work is definitely not a good idea. I won't try this ever again....



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Hi fish and all others that were at the camp.


I miss camp already, and am definitely sigining up for next year.


I'll let fish do a full review as she is great with words.

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Oh, Trying --


Couldn't you give us a teensy review? I would love to know what you thought of your first time!



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Hey, yeah! reviews pretty please :thumbsup: There's one in the M<en's Forum, but us women aren't allowed in there :dry:

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Ok here is a quick review


I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! If I hadn't had my husband at home I would have stayed and demanded that they do another one this week.


About the technique classes.

The teachers were amazing, they were so encouraging and gave great corrections.


I have come back with a much stronger core, I can hold my turnout better, and my turns have vastly improved.


I did my first pique turns on pointe and were doing double pirouettes on flat by the end (my singles were inconsistent when I started).


I think it was a real strength of the programme to have the exposure to the modern, jazz and character, I loved it, but my real favourite was partnering.


It was amazing, don't know why, but dancing 2 people together was great. I'm 5'11" and my partner managed to lift me so high, I was flying, I did finger turns, and generally really felt like a dancer. THANK YOU Thomas.


I'd say it is probably my best dancing experience in my life!!!


We did Saphire from Sleeping Beauty as our variation, and I was so pleased it had not turns in it.


The social element was great it was wonderful being around so many people who understand the dance obsession, and everyone was so nice and supportive.


I am so going back next year.

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wow, chinafish, good to hear you were in richmond. I was wondering if you do a summer training in london :-) Glad you had fun

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Since she pretty much summed it up, I'll fill in the bits that Trying didn't mention.


Apart from the fact that because we are dancing every day so we were stronger, the teachers were fabulous.


Danile stated from day 1 that we do whatever we can and listen to our body, but at the same time push ourselves. This just took all the nervousness out of me. They also stressed the fun in dancing. Her pirouette class was so helpful, not only because we had time to work on our pirouettes for a whole 45 minutes rather than a “maybe” 10 minutes in class which is not guaranteed to happen, but that she explicitly allowed us to forget about which corner we were facing – the aim was to finish high in releve retire and float up there until the momentum stops.


I would love to have been able to do doubles after the camp, but I haven’t been… but still I am now feeling much much more secure on my singles, which gives me a good base to work on the doubles.


Kathy was amazing as well. She taught our variations and it was so much fun, I felt like a proper fairy. She also gave a very Spanish adage that is so pretty.


Repertory… I don’t even know where to start on this one! Pedro specially choreographed this piece on us – there were 20 of us or so in the group and we were all so nervous of colliding into one another. Didn’t help that the music was so quick that we all felt a bit spastic. I have to say it didn’t go so well in class, even until the final test run on stage it was still a bit :wink: , but at last when we did it on stage it went surprisingly well, no collisions, the runs were so smooth, the echappes were a bit off but generally I think it was the best try we did. At about Thursday or Friday the music started growing on me and I still have it in my head! Most of my fun memories of the week were actually from this class. Thank you so much Pedro!


Partnering. This class has ticked off a lot of the “Things to do before I die” list. I “jumped” high, was finger turned, promenaded, and after class Glen was ever so nice to fulfil my wish of doing a fish dive. He he he, Now this Chinafish has dived! In the piece that we worked on, whenever I zoned out (um… hey it was the end of Thursday, I was tired :P), he would still know where I was supposed to go and put me there and saved me a lot of embarrassment. I did not have a fear of falling at any time. The 2 other girls that were in my group to dance with Glen all declare that we love Glen. Thank you Glen!


Brandon taught the partnering and jazz classes, and his classes are the few of the most enjoyable that I have ever taken in my life. He has this rare quality of being able to point out mistakes in people and make it so funny that no one feels embarrassed. I could feel my stomach muscles aching after his classes, partly because I have worked so hard in my core (um… yeah…) and mostly because he made me laugh so much.


The performance on Saturday was very well run. I enjoyed every single second of it. I zoned out a bit in my variation (how I managed to do that I don’t know), but I picked it up again. Shame I couldn’t balance at the final attitude devant en pointe. :thumbsup:


Oh and special mention to Joseph (known here as Joseph11). I just want to say that when I was technically at Joseph’s level a year ago, if I were to be thrown a 1:24 solo on me to perform on stage alone, I would not have been so composed, and danced with such dignity. At the beginning of each phrase Joseph would be standing in either 5th or a tendu devant in croise. He would be there in the position that shouts, “Here I come!” He gave so much excitement in the piece that when he took his bow we all screamed and shouted, wildly clapping our hands. I actually had a tear in my eye. Then we all ran backstage and jumped on him. :)


I was missing camp already on Sunday morning. Now I am just so missing it all. It was such a good crowd, and we had so much fun. Everyone was so supportive. I wish I can do it all over again in August but I don’t think I have enough annual leave at work, and air fare is $300 more expensive in August.


I am so definitely going back next year in June!



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Thank you both so much for posting about your ADC experience!! I'm going to ADC in August and am getting very excited. I'm so glad to hear how much fun you had and relieved to know that my sad little pirouette(s) will get some much needed attention!

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Thanks for the posting, it sounds so exciting :-)

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