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je danse dans ma tete

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I just began ballet! I am 19.5 years old and very excited. But I am in class with many young women who are already dancing on their toes (en pointe, right?) And I notice them wearing very many layers of funny thick clothes and then taking them off, so I don't understand this ritual. Why must they do this, it seems like having no point because they put these on before coming in the studio, and then take them off very soon. Someone please help me to understand, I am too shy to ask these girls!




P.S. sorry for my English!

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Knock Knock. (I am younger than 17) I am taking a guess that these girls are wearing what is known as leg warmers (or other types of cloths that warm their body). They put these on to keep their muscles warm before class, or at the start of class. They then take them off becuase it is proper ballet etiquite to not wear extra clothing all through class.

May I ask where you are from, because you have very good english. Do you live in France? (I took a guess based upon your screen name)

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Knock, knock....


Her location is Quebec City, which is in Quebec, Canada.


I wear warm ups because I am cold, and need my muscles to warm up internally and externally. On warm days, I will end up taking them off. If it's freezing outside, and thus the studio is cold, often my legwarmers will stay on.


Sometimes my muscles feel ready to go before class even starts, from my own warm ups. Sometimes its a few exercises at barre, sometimes much longer...

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Also, often this is just a habit or a trend. Sometimes there is a special dancer "fashion sense" where wearing layer of warm-ups seems quite cool! But the layers have to come off before long because they get too hot!! :thumbsup: And sometimes we will wear our warm-ups even when it is summer and we don't really need them just because it is a habit from the colder months and it makes us feel more stylish.


Oh, and sometimes warm-ups really DO help you to feel warmer. Especially if a particular body part is sore... I'll often wear just one short leg-warmer, even when it's warm, if one of my ankles is giving me problems.

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