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teary-eyed SI phone call


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Just thought I'd make some of you smile :D I was in D.C for the past couple of days and stayed in touch with dd quite often. When I returned home, I had to go to work that night and worked last night. DD had been calling but was unable to get in touch with me. This AM I recv'd this message from her" Hello. Marja(new nickname for mom) remember me, I am your daughter!! Please return my phone call or you will be grounded HAHA!! Don't forget you will have to pick me up from the SI soon, okay!!! "

Talk about the shoe being on the other foot!!!! :lol:

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Okay...this is just one mom's observation, and may be a little :D ...but I've been watching this topic and thinking about our own summer. Here goes. Dd went to her first SI this summer, a traditional "sleepaway" NO PHONE CALLS ALLOWED :wink: camp. I sent her with lots of stationery, postage, and strict instructions to write every day. (The first postcard: "You told me to write a postcard...so here's a postcard! We had our placement class; it really wasn't that bad. The dance studios don't have any clocks, though. Rarr! Okay, well, all that's happened is...class. Love, DD") By the end of the program, the letters stretched to 5-6 pages of details of dancing, friends, activities, bad food, etc. It was really difficult (!!!!!) walking away from her (well, for me, she was fine!) when I dropped her off, and nearly impossible to wait 5 days for the mailman to bring her first letters...bad as waiting for SI letters in winter, huh? But they really made my day. We were able to read and re-read them, and they are something tangible from her first summer away. (Tossing something into her closet earlier today, I see she's keeping the letters from me...at least so far. They include :yawn: descriptions of the weather, the ongoing health of her pet frogs, etc.) But these letters are connections.


Okay...dd came home. Talked my ear off when we went to pick her up, and that was wonderful. She was home for 3 days before she went to stay w/a friend's family in New York state for a week. There she had her cellphone. Here's the interesting part (for me, anyway). Like many other posters, I had a hard time reaching her on her cell. She'd either forget to take it with her, have it off, or otherwise I'd hit her voicemail. It was harder on me that I couldn't reach her to talk to her (about nothing, really...just to hear her silly voice) than it was when I knew I could'nt talk to her, due to camp rules. I felt a little less secure, not being able to reach her right when I wanted to. She was busy, she was having a fantastic time, and she was with her friend. When we did talk, it was somewhat rushed, as she wanted to say hi...but then move on to all the cool stuff that was there for her. I knew all was well, and she's home again (another car ride talking mom's ear off!), but I think it was interesting that difference that I felt in the ability to contact.

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And for all those who received tearful phone calls somewhere along the way during their children's SI, it would be fun to report how many of the same kids are tearful when they say their goodbyes to all their newfound friends and teachers as their programs end. :wink: It is funny how that usually works! Hope many of you can report the same as many programs are nearing completion about now. :D

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I agree the letters are great. My DD is not much of a writer, or caller, but she has saved all the silly cards and letters we have sent her and Dh has saved the few (over the years) she has sent us. I LIKE the camps that making phoning home hard and encourage letter writing. I have letters that I sent my family when I was in the peace corps in the early 80s. And now I can learn from them. DD laughs now when she reads letters we sent her 2 summers ago. There is a permenance and a historical documentation in letters that a cell phone just can't do.

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